Winning Corporate Sales Strategies (Updated 2022)

Corporate sales take much longer on average to initiate contact, have multiple conversations with decision makers, and ultimately close the sale.

Here are the Top 5 Winning Corporate Sales Strategies to Use in 2022:

1. Set Specific Goals

In sales, you need to have a bullseye to target, or else you will wander in the wilderness. 

Just saying my objective is to “increase sales” is not enough. You need to define this goal more clearly.

It is not possible to track the progress of such vague goals. Without evaluating the progress, you won’t know if the effort you are putting, is reaping fruitful results or not.

This corporate sales strategy came from’s “9 Sales Strategies Revealed by Top Entrepreneurs and Sales Experts”.

2. Build a Powerful Value Proposition in Your Messaging

Most prospects either don’t recognize or can’t articulate the root challenges they struggle with on a daily basis. 

So, even if you sell a truly remarkable product, your buyers probably won’t recognize the real value you offer to their organization.

That’s why you need to create a powerful and persuasive message.

This corporate sales strategy came from’s “Sales Strategy: What’s Most Effective? A Great Message!”.

3. Be Flexible

During your sales conversations, you’re naturally going to come across new challenges and unique demands from your prospects. 

This makes sense, since each company you work with is structured a little differently, has a distinct set of internal processes and objectives.

Since saying “you can’t,” “won’t,” “that’s impossible” and other variations of “no” to your prospect is a death sentence, your sales strategy needs to be flexible enough to adapt in the face of new challenges on the go.

Ryan Robinson shared “25 Proven Sales Strategies From Top Entrepreneurs and Startups” on

4. Don’t Try to Sell Them Anything

It sounds counterproductive, but not trying to sell a company on your services immediately can sometimes lead to a sale more quickly than a hard-nosed sales pitch.

Here’s how it can work. 

You see a news report about a company in a situation that you are well equipped to help with. You call the head of the affected department, mention that you saw the news coverage and offer to email over a resource that might be helpful to them. 

Without trying to schedule an appointment, talk about your services, or make a sale, you end the call.

This corporate sales strategy came from’s “5 Secrets For Landing a Whale of a Client”.

5. Always Follow Up With Sales Leads

I suggest actively following up. Even if your proposal, lead, or sale doesn’t work once, it doesn’t mean it’s a completely lost deal. 

A good rule of thumb is trying to follow up at least three times before you know you’re out of the game. I’ve politely reached out by phone before to see if there was still interest after a few days and still made a sale.

Beverly Friedmann shared this corporate sales winning tip on’s “25 Sales Pro Tips Every Salesperson Should Know”.

How Will You Use the Top 5 Winning Corporate Sales Strategies in 2022?

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