William Wiggins Speaking at ERE Digital 2020

William Wiggins, ERE Digital 2020 Speaker presenting on “Relationships With Benefits: The 5 Critical Connections that TA Must Build With HR”

As the human resources director for SEIU Benefits Group in Seattle, William Wiggins has a proven track record for building solid HR beginning with building leadership competencies and strong collaborative HR and internal stakeholder relationships.

William facilitates training to provide leadership teams the tools to build and foster cultures of engagement, and enjoys sharing his perspectives and insights through speaking engagements, webinars, and HR and talent publications including Fistful of Talent, Career Crossroads (CXR Works), and other outlets.

William’s belief that an organization’s most valuable resource is its talent. This has reinforced his approach to his work, and his commitment to his team and the employee communities that he serves.

ERE Digital 2020 Presentation:
Relationships With Benefits: The 5 Critical Connections that TA Must Build With HR

The success of talent acquisition efforts depends on nurturing relationships with HR. Oftentimes, however, that’s easier said than done. But it must be done. Which HR alliances are most critical to TA and why? Join William Wiggins, HR director at SEIU Benefits Group, for a frank discussion to explore the answer.

More importantly, he won’t tiptoe around the challenges in developing these relationships. He’ll reveal why it can sometimes seem difficult for TA professionals to build relationships with HR. He’ll also provide advice on how to build and leverage such connections to benefit your role, department, and your organization.

Ultimately, good alliances are the bedrock of a successful business, particularly in todays’ environment as companies clamor to attract and retain the best and the brightest talent. Discover how you can enlist the support and collaboration of HR professionals to further your aims effectively.

William Wiggins
Director of Human Resources
SEIU 775 Benefits Group

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