What Does Inside Sales Mean? (Updated 2022)

Inside sales can take on many meanings depending on the company you talk to. Let’s see how each clearly defines “inside sales” for 2022.

Here are 6 Companies Defining Inside Sales in 2022:

1. Inside Sales at SalesForce

Inside sales is the dominant sales model for reps in B2B, tech, SaaS, and a variety of B2C industries selling high-ticket items. 

Put simply, inside sales is a way of handling sales remotely.

This inside sales definition came from SalesForce.com’s “What is Inside Sales?”.

2. Ring DNA’s Definition of Inside Sales

The definition of inside sales refers to any type of sales that are handled remotely.

Over the past decade, inside sales has come to be the dominant sales model for reps in B2B, tech, SaaS, and a variety of B2C industries selling high-ticket items.

An inside sales model routinely involves high-touch transactions over phone and email.

Contrary to telemarketers, inside sales professionals are highly skilled and knowledgeable. 

Thanks to advances in communications technology, inside sales reps can give presentations, conduct demos and perform most of the functions traditionally handled by reps in the field.

RingDNA.com shared “What is Inside Sales and How Is It Changing in 2021?”.

3. Inside Sales Defined by Investopedia

Inside sales means the sale of products or services by personnel who reach customers through phone, email, or the internet.

Other ways to define inside sales are “remote sales” or “virtual sales.”

This came from Investopedia.com’s “Inside Sales Definition”.

4. Inside Sales at Close.com

Inside sales is the act of identifying, nurturing and turning leads into customers remotely. 

In recent years, inside sales has become one of the most popular sales models in high-value industries as buyers have become more comfortable purchasing and collaborating remotely. 

In many ways, the evolution of technology is what has made this possible and armed companies with the ability to embrace inside sales.

In October 2019, Harvard Business Review wrote “Inside sales has muscled its way into serving larger customers with complex needs. 

Also, inside salespeople who once performed only simple tasks (generating leads, getting renewals) are doing more complex steps, including assessing customer needs, crafting solutions, and closing sales.”

Ramin Assemi shared this take on inside sales in Close.com’s “Inside Sales: What it is, why it matters, and how to do it right”.

5. Forbes Asks: What Is Inside Sales?

The most pragmatic definition of Inside Sales is simple: inside sales is remote sales.

It has been called virtual sales, professional sales done remotely, or one of my recent favorites “sales in the cloud.” 

Where outside sales or traditional field sales is done face-to-face.

Taken in this context, the majority of all sales is done remotely, and the numbers are growing. 

The most recent Lead Management study found that over the past three years, inside sales grew at a fifteen times higher rate (7.5% versus .5% annually) over outside sales, to the tune of 800,000 new jobs.

This definition of inside sales came from Forbes.com’s article “What Is Inside Sales? The Definition Of Inside Sales”.

6. Inside Sales at Drift

Inside sales is the process of identifying, nurturing, and converting leads remotely. 

These tasks are performed by inside sales representatives who are responsible for selling a company’s products or services over the phone, email, or the internet.

Inside sales isn’t telemarketing. Inside salespeople are skilled professionals that sell medium or high-ticket items over the course of multiple interactions.

What is Inside Sales?” shared by Drift.com.

Do You Have an Inside Sales Team for 2022?

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