Vivek Ravisankar Speaking at SourceCon 2020

SourceCon 2020 Speaker Vivek Ravisankar Presentation

Vivek Ravisankar, SourceCon 2020 Speaker presenting on “The Future of Tech Talent Sourcing”

Vivek Ravisankar is the Co-Founder and CEO at HackerRank. HackerRank is the world’s leading developer skills platform, helping more than 7 million developers (over 25 percent of the global developer population) learn and practice coding.

Every eight seconds, someone around the world completes a HackerRank assessment. Prior to HackerRank, Ravisankar was on the Kindle team at Amazon, India. HackerRank is the first company to be accepted by Y-combinator from India.

SourceCon 2020 Presentation:
The Future of Tech Talent Sourcing

As the market for sourcing technical talent becomes increasingly competitive, it is an ongoing challenge to utilize the best sources to find new talent. It’s easy to question whether your methods will achieve the pool of technical talent your company needs.

How do you recognize good SW Developers? What programming language competencies do employers need the most, and if they’re a fit, how do you ensure they join your team?

In this session, Vivek Ravisankar, Co-Founder & CEO of HackerRank, will deep dive into why hiring processes need to start with skills first and which technologies can be used to fix these pain points.

He’ll cover insights gathered from 116,648 developers during the company’s 3rd annual developer skills survey, including how 39% of these developers don’t believe they’re paid fairly and how professional growth & learning give us an idea of how to better source for technical teams.

Vivek will breakdown the latest trends in recruitment and best tools and practices for sourcing the most suitable talent.

Vivek Ravisankar
Co-Founder & CEO

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