Viet Nguyen Speaking at SourceCon 2020

SourceCon 2020 Speaker Viet Nguyen presentation

Viet Nguyen, SourceCon 2020 Speaker presenting on “Gold Sponsor Gem – Best Practices for Candidate Outreach”

With almost a decade of experience in talent acquisition, Viet is currently the Head of Customer Talent Advisory at Gem where he works with customers to develop their recruiting strategy and operations to become best-in-class.

Prior to his current role, Viet has spent almost a decade in talent acquisition at a number of companies in the San Francisco Bay Area, growing from a Technical Recruiter to Head of Talent.

SourceCon 2020 Presentation:
Gold Sponsor Gem – Best Practices for Candidate Outreach

Your initial outreach can make or break a candidate’s decision to reply—high stakes by any measure. So how do you send the most compelling recruiting email? You have to take into account send times, message cadence, subject lines, and content—which, now more than ever, includes signaling your organization’s values of diversity and inclusion.

Join Viet Nguyen, Gem’s Head of Customer Talent Advisory, as he presents tips and tricks for recruiting outreach that is also backed by data.

He’ll also share his own best practices from years of recruiting industry experience. Viet will share ways you can improve your recruiting outreach and learn:

  • How to write a catchy subject line
  • How to create an email body that is concise yet informative
  • The number of emails to send to generate the highest response rate

Viet Nguyen
Customer Talent Advisory

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