Understanding the Customer Journey (Updated 2022)

The best way to increase sales, increase revenue, and overall customer experience, is first to really understand what the customer journey looks like for your company.

Here are the Top 5 Ways to Understanding the Customer Journey in 2022:

1. Map Out the Buyer’s Journey

It’s important to note the different stages of the buyer’s journey in order to be able to provide more personalized experiences for your customers down the line.

There are 3 stages to the buyer’s journey:
1. Awareness
2. Consideration
3. Decision

This tip to understand the customer journey came from MarketingCraft.GetCraft.com’s “How To Make A Customer Journey Map In 7 Steps”.

2. Questions

  • Where do customers get hung up?
  • Do they have questions and have a hard time finding answers?
  • Could their uncertainties cause them to give up and find a different company?

If your product is inherently complicated, could you improve the customer experience by proactively addressing questions your customers will have as they move through the stages?

This tip to understand the customer journey came from SurveyMonkey.com “The Best Way to Map the Customer Journey: Take a Walk in Their Shoes”.

3. Put Yourself in the Customer’s Shoes

Put yourself on the customer’s journey, go through it and consider all the touch-points at each stage; from viewing ads to searching online, to filling out registration forms.

Compliment your findings with feedback from customers, ask them to walk you through their experience with your brand to ensure the scenario you’re building aligns with customers’ actual experiences.

This tip to understand the customer journey came from CustomerThink.com’s “7 Important Steps To Understanding Your Customers’ Journey”.

4. Identifying the Channels

Once the business decides to proceed, team members should start by looking at the various channels customers use to engage with the company.

This is becoming especially difficult in the digital age in which consumers may research on channels which are outside of the company’s control.

Econsultancy.com’s “The five key steps towards understanding the customer journey (and where most marketers are stuck)” shared this customer journey strategy.

5. Anticipate, Predict, and Plan for the Future

Creating a plan for future customer engagement is just as important as creating a plan for the present.

This puts customer experience teams in the right frame of mind to respond to customers during stressful or challenging situations.

This technique to understand the customer journey came from NeilPatel.com’s “5 Techniques to Help You Truly Understand Your Customers”.

How Will You Use These Top 5 Ways to Better Understand Your Customer’s Journey in 2022?

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