Startup Marketing Strategies for 2021

Startups need to market strategically to leverage the best chance of getting noticed, making sales, or attracting investors. 

Here are the Best 6 Startup Marketing Strategies to Use in 2021:

1. Set Goals

In the early stages of your business, your goals might vary depending on how you define success. 

For many startups, goals often fall under 1 of 2 categories: raising brand awareness and acquiring new customers. 

And while both categories are important in the development of your startup, it can be helpful to prioritize the goals that make the most sense for you.

This startup marketing strategy came from’s  “How to Develop a Startup Marketing Strategy.”

2. Find Your Core Channel

When you’re starting out, the most important objective is to find one core marketing channel that, when focused on, becomes your growth lever.

Ironically, this requires you to systematically experiment with many channels early-on to eliminate low-performing channels and find one that has all the traits of a winning core channel.

Depending on what stage your startup is at, you’ll probably want some kind of system for prioritising your marketing ideas, capturing insights and calibrating your marketing strategy. shared “The Ultimate Startup Marketing Strategy.”

3. Distinguish Who Your Target Buyers Are

Smart goals give your marketing efforts direction and focus, sure, but who are you marketing to?

For your start-up’s marketing efforts to bring in tangible results, those efforts need to be tailored to your ideal target audience.

Now you’ll probably have a good understanding of who it is you want to do business with.

Have you articulated that to the rest of your team or put together a document detailing who your buyer personas are?

Bob Dearsley shared this startup marketing strategy on’s “Startup Marketing Strategy: 18 Ideas and Tactics That Actually Work.”

4. Press Releases and News Features

People read the news regularly, and if you have something newsworthy to report, most news outlets will gladly report it for you. 

Press releases are an inexpensive way to get your brand mentioned in major publications, and possibly pick up some inbound links along the way. 

If you do all the work yourself, hunting down and emailing journalists, press releases can actually be a free marketing strategy.

This startup marketing strategy came from’s “9 Low-Budget Marketing Strategies Every Startup Can Afford.”

5. Define Your End Goal

Just as it is practically impossible to embark on a road trip without knowing your destination, you have to define your marketing and business goals before you can achieve them.

• Do you relate with your target market on social media?
• How do you plan to increase your number of followers?
• How do you plan to generate traffic for your website?

Reaching out to leads or prospects and converting them into customers requires a well-defined approach with specific objectives.

This startup marketing strategy came from’s “How to Create a Marketing Plan for Startups.”

6. Content Marketing for Startups

Make it easier for people to find your business on search engine result pages through content marketing. 

With this type of marketing, you’ll create content about topics and subjects related to your business to help people find your company on the internet. shared this startup marketing strategy on “5 Effective Marketing Strategies for Startups.”

How Will You Use These 6 Startup Marketing Strategies in 2021?

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