SMS Text Message Marketing (Updated 2023)

Text messaging, or sms messaging, is the best way to get any of your prospects to pay attention, almost instantly. 

While it’s easy to ignore emails in your Inbox, far less people get text messages to their cell / mobile phones. Almost everyone looks at all their text messages hourly and daily. shared their insightful Guide called “Examples of 8 Ecommerce Brands Using SMS Marketing to Grow Faster” and how certain brands are using SMS marketing.

Below are the main points PostScript shared with examples.

Here are 7 Reasons to Use SMS Text Message Marketing in 2022:

1. Educate Customers About a Product / Service

SMS isn’t just a marketing channel for Judy,  it’s a product feature. 

By using a communication channel that already feels familiar to customers, Judy is stepping up and making it easier than ever for shoppers to stay engaged.

Judy embeds their SMS marketing into their advertising on social media.

If you’re considering using SMS as a channel, you’ll get more bang for your buck if you reach customers where they already are using their phones.

2. Give Shoppers an Easy Way to Buy From You Again

Customers are becoming more and more accustomed to tailored shopping experiences

Amazon lets you re-order from your order history. This is a bit easier and reduces the amount of friction.

Going out of the way to be helpful rather than pushy is extremely important when it comes to relationship-building via SMS marketing. 

You only have one opportunity to impress a customer before they’re given the chance to unsubscribe. May as well make it useful.

3. Send Personalized Product / Service Recommendations

One of the pitfalls of online retail is the lack of a retail assistant to help steer you towards the products you need. 

That’s where a lot of innovation comes in. Through the process of content, video, product descriptions, and more.

Good Counsel uses SMS as a core part of their product rather than an added on marketing channel. 

Shoppers text back and forth with a stylist before receiving recommendations on what clothing to purchase.

4. Bridge the Gap Between Brick-and-Mortar and Online Retail

Coffee brand Super Coffee has a quirky, informative way of communicating with their customers, and their text message marketing is no different.

The team behind Super Coffee also understand the value of merging online and offline retail

A significant portion of their revenue comes from retail sales in stores like Whole Foods, CVS, Target, and more.

5. Send Results of a Quiz, Test, or Survey

NaturAll Club knows that every head of hair is different. 

Why market the same products to everyone?

As an awesome example of ecommerce personalization, shoppers at the NaturAll website have the option to take a short quiz in order to receive tailor-made product recommendations from a stylist. 

6. Offer Personalized 1-to-1 Recommendations and/or Customer Service

Sassy Jones uses video marketing to the full extent as a strong customer communication strategy.

Whether it’s IGTV, Instagram Live, Facebook Live, or any combination of the three.

Fans of the brand can expect to get educational, promotional, and fun content through video on a daily basis.

7. Promote a Flash Sale or One-Time Offer Deals

Online women’s fashion boutique NanaMacs built an online community from the ground up. 

Known as “VIP Members”, these avid shoppers tune in to almost-daily live streams on Facebook to browse through new products and buy right in their timelines on Facebook.

Any business who operates off of a flash-sale or limited-time-only business model can benefit from the almost-instantaneous open rates provided by SMS marketing. 

Be sure to check out the full’s “Examples of 8 Ecommerce Brands Using SMS Marketing to Grow Faster” Guide.

How Will You Use SMS Text Messaging Marketing in 2022?

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