Setting Corporate Sales Goals in 2021

If you want to generate new revenue, you have to sell. It’s always good to have sales goals and a rock solid sales plan to implement.

Here are 5 Top Corporate Sales Goals to Follow in 2021:

1. Increasing Your Monthly or Annual Revenue

Revenue targets are the fundamental sales goal example. This KPI should be one of every company’s primary sales goals. 

A typical sales goal example here: increase month-over-month / year-over-year revenues by 10%.

You can set targets for revenue growth as monthly or annual goals, or both. 

You will most likely set an overall revenue sales goal for your entire team, but you may also find it helpful to break this down into separate sales goals for each of your reps, particularly if your sales team has a very broad experience profile.

This corporate sales goal came from’s “10 Sales Goal Examples for Your Sales Team”.

2. Educate and Empower Your Sales Team

Sales can be a battle sometimes and you want your team to have the best weapons tools available to them.

This means training and resources around your company’s unique product, but also the ability to see if what they’re doing is actually working.

For the long-term success of your sales team (and your company), you might have to look beyond just immediate sales goals. Take the time to dig into their personal process and see what’s working and what isn’t.

This corporate sales goal came from’s “5 Steps to Setting Sales Goals That Help You Grow (Quickly)”.

3. Acquire More Qualified Leads

Qualified leads are more likely to convert. So the more qualified leads you get, the more deals you can close. 

You can set a target for your sales team to generate, say, 50 qualified leads per month with at least 75% on the qualification score.

Save the effort and time needed for qualifying leads by using a lead management solution or a CRM. Your leads are automatically scored based on several factors and presented before you to follow up. shared “Sales Goals Examples for Success in 2020”.

4. Incentivize Your Sales Reps

Goals can often seem abstract to reps when the results aren’t personally felt by your sales team. 

While you obviously want them to work for the greater good of the company, adding incentives can certainly help inspire success.

It’s important to note that there’s no “perfect commission structure”for your business. How you compensate sales performance will depend on the needs of your reps and how you envision your company growing over time. 

Don’t be afraid to try things out and pivot as needed.

7 Steps to Setting Smart Sales Targets and Goals for Your Business” was shared by

5. Create Better Content

Content marketing is a great way to raise awareness around your product. 

If you do it right, it can boost your conversions significantly. Content marketing should educate and inform people about your products, while also engaging them.

More importantly, your content needs to outline the benefits of your product. Use content marketing to build your brand.

This corporate sales goal came from’s “7 Sales Goals You Should Set for Your Business in 2020”.

How Will You Use These Top 5 Corporate Sales Goals in 2021?

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