SDR Sales Tips to Master (Updated 2023)

Mastery is never achieved without constant and never ending improvement. Sales Development Reps must gain consistent daily practice and implementation towards mastertering these tips.

Here are the 5 Best SDR Sales Tips to Master in 2022:

1. Be an Expert of Your Product

If it means messaging your CEO with product questions at 10 PM, do it. 

It will help you learn more about your product and your space so you can help other people.

You need to have a confident explanation of the purpose and benefit of your product. To believe in its value 100%. You’ll never be able to get someone else to buy something if you aren’t convinced yourself.

This Sales Development Representative sales tip came from’s “6 Tips To Be A Successful SDR”.

2. Make the Most of Your Time

In sales, there’s always something more you can do. There’s always calls to make, prospects to follow up with, or relationships to develop.

It can be overwhelming, especially if you’re new to sales, but successful SDR’s know what to prioritize and when. To maximize your selling time, look for ways to streamline or automate tasks.

This SDR sales tip came from’s “5 Tips For Becoming a Successful SDR”.

3. Become a Master Communicator

Communicating with the prospect, with your team, and with your manager, even communicating with yourself. 

And good communication is as much about what you say as how you say it. A sad but true reality, especially in sales.

Your ability to ask and answer tough questions will determine your trustworthiness and affect a prospect / colleague’s confidence in you. “7 Habits of Highly Successful SDRs” shared this SDR sales tip.

4. Take Initiative

Don’t wait for your sales manager to ask for something. Instead work your game plan. Create a territory plan if you haven’t already.

Make a schedule for yourself, and work it like clockwork. If your manager comes up with something later you can see if that might be more helpful for you or you can show them how your system is working. 

Numbers talk. Results matter.

This SDR sales tip came from’s “Top Tips for New SDR BDR Rep”.

5. Embrace Rejection

The sales development rep faces some familiar challenges, from handling objections to finding qualified leads. Yes, people are going to hang up on you, but ultimately, it’s not the end of the world. 

The reason that getting comfortable with rejection matters here is simple. When you let every “no” get to you, you miss out on learning opportunities as well as the chance to connect with someone who might make a great client later.

This last SDR sales tip came from’s “4 Sales Development Representative Tips All SDRs Should Know.”

How to Use the 5 Best SDR Sales Tips to Master in 2022?

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