SDR Lead Generation Strategies (Updated 2022)

Sales development reps need to generate quality sales leads for their sales teams quickly.

Here are the Top 5 SDR Lead Generation Strategies for 2022:

1. Set a Goal

Before setting your objective, have a sit-down with your sales team and discuss what you’d like to achieve with the lead generation process.

Have a clear goal that makes the process easier for everyone within the team. Your objective should be attainable and clearly defined.

This Sales Development Representative Lead Generation strategy came from’s “How to Plan a Winning Lead Generation Process (2021 Update)”.

2. Align Marketing and Sales with SDR’s

For SDR’s to be effective at identifying and delivering qualified leads, marketing and sales teams need to align closely and work with SDR’s. 

Ensuring regular meetings between marketing, sales, and SDR’s can be highly beneficial. It allows the flow of information between each of these teams and enables better collaborative efforts at planning sales strategies.

If your SDR’s can engage effectively with potential leads, then the chances of these leads converting improves substantially making the job of your sales teams easier.

This SDR Lead Generation strategy came from’s “Strategies For Leveraging Sales Development Representatives to Support Your Sales Team”.

3. Automate Tasks

Automation allows SDR’s to be more efficient with their time. Administrative tasks, manual research, and an overwhelming to-do list can leave little time for much else.

Automate repetitive tasks so SDR’s can focus on more important sales development activities.

This SDR Lead Generation tactic came from’s “10 Tactics to Increase SDR Efficiency”.

4. Research and Information Gathering

Detailed knowledge about clients, business trends, competitive solutions, and other business intelligence allows a salesperson to make better decisions, engage the right customers better, and close high-value deals while shortening the sales cycle. “Tips On How To Be A Successful Sales Development Representative (SDR)” shared this SDR Lead Generation tip.

5. Cold Calling

Cold calling is a huge part of the role of SDR’s. 

During the team cold-calling sessions, SDRs also play an active listening role to learn from the different approaches and strategies they use in their conversations so they can implement them in their future calls.

This last SDR Lead Generation strategy came from “Lead Generation Strategies That Work”.

How to Use the Top 5 SDR Lead Generation Strategies for 2022?

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