Prospecting Methods to Sell Faster (Updated 2022)

There are a long list of prospecting methods to use. Which are the best to use?

Here are the Top 5 Prospecting Methods to Sell Faster in 2022:

1. Create an Ideal Prospect Profile

There are many different types of people, industries and company sizes out there. 

How do you know where to start? Take some time to find out what your ideal customer profile looks like and do some research in your own database. 

  • Who are your top five customers? 
  • Who are your worst five customers? 
  • Who are your most profitable customers? 
  • Which ones are the least profitable? 

Create profiles for each of these groups.

This prospecting method came from’s “Prospecting: 10 Proven Strategies For Sales Professionals”.

2. Phone Calls

There’s no doubt that phone calls play an important role in sales prospecting.

Cold calling is probably one the most popular and effective sales prospecting methods of reaching out to your prospects. 

Also, you can easily turn your cold call intention into the warm one if you use the “Go Online” prospecting method effectively.

This prospecting method came from’s “What is Prospecting? 6 Sales Prospecting Methods You Can Easily Use to Get More Customers”.

3. Referrals

Referral prospecting simply means prospecting through people that you know, your existing contacts, clients or business partners.

Start with a list of people that may know the people you want to talk with (example: business associates, strategic partners or clients, etc.) and ask for an introduction.

This prospecting strategy came from’s “Top 5 Methods of Prospecting”.

4. Be a Trusted Resource

To be successful as a salesperson, you have to do more than sell. You have to be your client’s go-to person and support them after you’ve closed the sale.

By changing your position from salesperson of products and services to a provider of solutions, you can increase your chance of getting referrals from happy customers. shared “Effective Sales Prospecting Techniques You Should Be Using” prospecting method.

5. Remember to Follow Up!

Finally, remember not to give up after the first try and follow up with all your prospects. 

Try to provide prospects with additional value with each follow-up you make. Don’t follow up just for the sake of following up.

One way of doing this is sending them valuable information related to their industry or pain points in the form of a blog post, ebook, case study, or white paper.

This last prospecting method came from’s “Sales Prospecting: A Massive List of Methods to Find New Prospects”.

How to Use The Top 5 Prospecting Methods to Sell Faster in 2022?

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