Prospecting in Sales to Shorten the Sales Cycle (Updated 2022)

Shorter sales cycles mean you close deals more quickly. When prospecting in sales, this goes a long way to keep the sales and revenue pipeline flowing.

Here are the Best 6 Prospecting in Sales Tips to Shorten the Sales Cycle in 2022:

1. Research

This is by far the most important aspect of prospecting. We must ensure that we’re qualifying our prospects to improve our chances of providing value to them or their business.

In this stage of prospecting, we’re looking to accomplish a few goals:

• Determine if the prospect is workable.
• Qualify and begin prioritizing prospects.
• Find opportunities to develop a connection through personalization, rapport building, and trust development.

This prospecting in sales tip came from’s “The Ultimate Guide to Sales Prospecting: Tips, Techniques, & Tools to Succeed”.

2. Identify The Key Decision-Maker

It seems obvious that you don’t want to waste your valuable sales prospecting time on conversations with low-level managers that won’t be able to make an ultimate purchasing decision on your product.

However, it’s often easier said than done to find and connect with the right decision maker at your prospect’s organization after you’ve qualified the company.

You will have to first identify this key decision maker to shorten the sales cycle.

This prospecting in sales tip came from’s “5 Steps to Sales Prospecting (For Higher Quality Leads) in 2021”.

3. Don’t Sell, Build Relationships

The sales process is rarely about actual selling. If you treat every contact with your prospects as a race to close the deal, you’ll end up disappointed.

Arguably more than ever before, buyers are turned off by traditional sales tactics. Asked what sales reps can do to make the buying experience more positive, 61% of buyers say the rep shouldn’t be pushy.

This came from’s “Sales Prospecting Definition, Techniques, and Why It’s Important” prospecting in sales tip.

4. Social Media Matters

We hate to break it to you but if you’re not squeezing as much juice out of your social media platforms as possible, then your sales prospecting methods are probably not up to scratch.

Social media and prospecting go hand-in-hand, and it’s a great place to find, research, and interact with prospective customers. Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Instagram are all great places to start.

This prospecting in sales strategy came from’s “You’ll Need These 10 Sales Prospecting Methods In 2021”.

5. Optimize the Sales Process

Many sales reps waste time doing things that do not help generate more leads or convert customers. They tend to waste time on clerical tasks, project management, and social activities.

If most of their time was spent on prospecting sales opportunities and following up on prospects, it would help close more deals faster. shared “5 Effective Ways to Shorten the Sales Cycle and Increase Your ROI” prospecting in sales tip.

6. Make it Ridiculously Easy for Prospects to Sign Contracts From Any Device

What’s something almost everyone has with them every moment of the day?

What’s something you probably have on you right now?

A phone. A tablet. Some sort of portable device.

Top-performing sales teams keep up with buyer behavior and adjust their sales techniques to accommodate it. Online contracts that can be signed on the go, and on any device, significantly cut down on back-and-forth with your prospects.

This last prospecting in sales strategy came from’s “15 Smart Strategies to Speed Up Your Sales Cycle”.

How Can You Shorten Your Sales Cycle in 2022 with These Prospecting Tips?

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