Mike Rasmussen Speaking at ERE Digital 2020

Mike Rasmussen, ERE Digital 2020 Speaker presenting on “My Adventures in AI Experimentation: A No-Fluff Guide to Using AI for Greater ROI”

Mike Rasmussen is a SHRM-certified professional residing in Salt Lake City, where he works from his home office at ADP as a senior talent acquisition business partner. He recruits for client-facing, technical, operations, and corporate functions.

He has over 14 years of recruitment/staffing experience. An advocate of proactive recruitment approaches, he has presented in webinars and local events on recruitment strategy and best practices.

ERE Digital 2020 Presentation:
My Adventures in AI Experimentation: A No-Fluff Guide to Using AI for Greater ROI

Go beyond the buzzwords. Beyond the hype. Beyond the rumors. Join Mike Rasmussen on his journey experimenting with — and adopting — AI in his own recruiting function.

Get practical and actionable tips — not the usual fluff we’ve all seen elsewhere — on how to:

  • Measure the ROI of AI in your day-to-day recruiting function
  • Grasp key efficiencies with the help of AI
  • Evaluate vendors fairly, judiciously, and concretely — including what questions to ask them
  • Gauge organizational macro use of AI and address individual recruiter adoption realities
  • Use AI throughout the hiring process, from sourcing and creening to closing stages Discover how you, too, can experiment with AI to integrate greater innovation into your workflows and achieve greater impact.

Mike Rasmussen
Senior Talent Acquisition Business Partner

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