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How to Choose the Best Mailing List Provider for Your Business?


Are you tired of manually collecting email addresses and struggling to keep track of your growing list of subscribers? Mailing list providers offer a variety of features that can make this process much easier for you.        Whether you’re a blogger, business owner, or anyone looking to connect with their audience through email, mailing list providers can help you streamline the process and achieve better results.

But with so many email list providers out there, how do you choose the best one for your business? The right mailing list provider can help you build and manage your email list effectively, resulting in improved customer relationships, increased sales, and cost-effective marketing. 

In this blog, we’ll discuss the key factors to consider when choosing a mailing list provider for your business and talk about the best options out there. 

Why is Mailing List Important For Businesses?

A mailing list is crucial for businesses, and email list providers can help businesses grow their email lists and solve some of their biggest problems.

Here are five reasons why a mailing list is important for businesses and how email list providers can help:

  • Email Marketing is Cost-Effective

Compared to other marketing channels, email marketing is incredibly cost-effective. Businesses can send thousands of emails to their subscribers for a fraction of the cost of traditional advertising or direct mail campaigns. 

This is especially important for small businesses with limited budgets.

  • It Can Drive Conversions.

Email marketing has been proven to be one of the most effective ways to convert leads into customers. Businesses can easily convert leads into paying customers by sending emails to subscribers who have already expressed interest in your products or services.

  • Email Marketing Can Increase Customer Engagement.

Email marketing allows businesses to build relationships with their customers and keep them engaged over time. 

By providing valuable content, special offers, and personalized recommendations, businesses can create a loyal customer base that will be more likely to make repeat purchases.

  • Email Marketing is Measurable

Unlike traditional marketing campaigns, email marketing is highly measurable. Businesses can track open rates, click-through rates, and conversion rates to understand how their campaigns perform and adjust as needed. 

Future campaigns can be optimized, and overall ROI can be increased using this data.

  • Can Solve Customer Problems.

By using email marketing to address customer pain points, businesses can provide solutions and build trust with their subscribers. 

For example, a company that sells home security systems could send emails with tips for improving home security or offer discounts on new products that address common concerns.

5 Best Mailing List Providers


Swordfish is a reliable mailing list provider that is the perfect solution for businesses and professionals looking for up-to-date email and cell phone numbers for individuals worldwide. 

mailing list provider

Not only is Swordfish accurate and reliable, but it’s also affordable and integrates seamlessly with various CRM tools. Swordfish is an excellent option for businesses of all sizes.


  • Swordfish’s vast database contains contact information for individuals worldwide, including email addresses and cell phone numbers.
  • It is a user-friendly tool that requires no technical expertise. You can easily search for contact information using keywords, domains, or other parameters.
  • Swordfish integrates seamlessly with various CRM tools, including Salesforce, HubSpot, and Zoho CRM.


  • None


mailing list provider

Swordfish AI offers a custom-sized free trial suited to the organization’s needs. The Swordfish AI pricing page contains information on different plans, including custom enterprise solutions. 


UpLead is a B2B data provider that uses advanced search and analysis techniques to uncover relevant information from millions of online documents. 

mailing list provider

Their data is extensively tested and verified through machine learning algorithms to ensure high quality and accuracy. UpLead’s database contains over 108 million contacts, including CEO email addresses and purchase intent data.


  • The email list provider tool offered by UpLead is quite easy to use.
  • UpLead’s email list provider tool claims to provide accurate and up-to-date email addresses. The tool verifies each email address before presenting it to the user, ensuring users get only valid ones.
  • Users can customize their search based on several criteria, such as location, job title, industry, etc, to get a more targeted list of email addresses.


  • UpLead’s email list provider tool does not offer phone support, which can be inconvenient for users who prefer to get help over the phone.
  • The free trial offered by UpLead’s email list provider tool is quite limited, with only five credits provided to the user. This can make it difficult for users to fully evaluate the tool before committing to a paid plan.


mailing list provider

Pricing of UpLead is mentioned below.

  • Essentials Plan – $74 per month for 2040 credits in a year.
  • Plus Plan -$149 per month for 4800 credits in a year.
  • Professional Plan -$299 per month for 12,000 credits in a year.
  • Enterprise Plan – This Plan offers Custom pricing according to the needs of your business.

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Hunter is a powerful lead generation and email outreach plugin that is specifically designed to help businesses optimize their outreach processes. 

mailing list provider

This software is designed to make it easy for businesses to find and reach out to potential customers and clients, streamlining the process of growing your business and building your brand.


  • The email addresses provided by are verified and tested to ensure that they are valid and active.
  • Users can perform bulk searches to find email addresses for multiple domains or companies at once, making the process more efficient.
  • integrates with several popular tools, such as Salesforce, HubSpot, and Pipedrive, making importing email addresses directly into users’ workflows easy.


  • The paid plans offered by are a bit expensive for small businesses or individuals. The Pricing is based on the number of searches, and the cost per search can add up quickly.
  • For the features provided by, the prices seem to be a bit expensive.
  • The email support provided by can be slow at times, and users may have to wait for a response.

Pricing: offers several pricing plans for its email finder tool:

mailing list provider

  • Free Plan – 25 searches and 50 verifications per month
  • Starter plan – $49 per month for 500 searches and 1000 verifications per month
  • Growth plan – $149 per month for 5,000 searches and 10,000 verifications per month.
  • Business plan – $499 per month for 50,000 searches and 100,000 verifications.
  • Enterprise plan – This Plan provides Custom pricing for users with higher search volume requirements.


ZoomInfo operates as a comprehensive data provider, offering detailed contact information and company insights to support sales, marketing, and talent acquisition efforts. Its extensive database is a crucial resource for lead generation, market analysis, and the identification of both potential customers and ZoomInfo competitors. This wealth of information aids businesses in navigating their markets more effectively and strategizing their approaches to stay ahead in their respective industries.

mailing list provider


  • Users can automate contact discoveries and company searches with precision without manually updating data.
  • The software auto-updates with new information to prevent outdated and incomplete data, making database management and web management simpler.


  • The business profiles on Zoominfo are limited.
  • Users might find using the website difficult and need lengthy demo sessions.
  • The Pricing is higher than many other mailing list providers and might not be suitable for small businesses.


The pricing of Zoominfo is customized and variable. ZoomInfo offers different pricing plans based on the number of credits and features included.

mailing list provider


Lusha is a tool that allows users to quickly and accurately retrieve emails, phone numbers, and other essential contact information. Originally designed for recruitment purposes, it has expanded to include marketing and sales professionals seeking to improve their revenue and campaigns. 

mailing list provider


  • Gather accurate contact information with just one click of a button.
  • Contact suggestions from similar profiles can be useful for many businesses.
  • It integrates efficiently with CRM tools.


  • The integrations and customer support can be better.
  • Sometimes the data provided is inaccurate, so you have to recheck the data.
  • Information needs to be updated more regularly to maintain accuracy.


The pricing plans offered by Lusha are as follows,

mailing list provider

  • Limited free Plan: It gives five credits per user.
  • Pro: Starts at $348 per user for 480 credits per user. It can be upgraded for more users and credits. 
  • Premium: Starts at $612 per user for 960 credits for one user. It can be upgraded for multiple users as well.

Swordfish. AI: The Best Way to Find Emails

 Look no further than Swordfish.AI to find the contact information of people you need to get in touch with! This easy-to-use people finder tool utilizes sophisticated algorithms and over 200 data partners to provide you with accurate contact information of 3 billion verified individuals.

Whether you’re searching for someone’s email address, social profile, or contact number, Swordfish.AI has got you covered. You can even use the Reverse Search feature to obtain information with minimal input information, such as a full name or social media profile.

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  • Swordfish.AI has a large database of contact information that includes email addresses, mobile phone numbers, and direct dials.
  • A Google Chrome extension of Swordfish.AI allows users to find contact information from their browser easily.
  • Along with email addresses, Swordfish.AI also can find cell phone numbers, making it easier to get in touch with potential contacts.
  • It offers unlimited credits to its users, which means that users can search for as many contacts as they want without any limitations.
  • It has direct dials, which allow users to bypass gatekeepers and reach the person they want to talk to directly.
  • Swordfish.AI provides personal emails, which can be more effective than generic emails when trying to establish a connection with someone.
  • The presence of data intelligence tools that can process unstructured data allows users to find the information they need more quickly and easily.


Swordfish offers three pricing plans:

  • Starter Plan: 3000 credits per user for $249 per month.
  • Starter Plus: 6000 credits for two users at $239 per month for each user.
  • Custom: You can customize a plan according to your needs and get a quote from the website.

mailing list provider

Swordfish.AI even offers a 15-day free trial so that you can test out all their amazing features risk-free. So why waste time searching for email information when Swordfish.AI can do it for you?


We’ve covered why mailing list providers are such an important element for businesses and individuals alike and explored some of the best mailing list providers available to help you achieve your email marketing goals.

With the right mailing list provider, you can streamline your email marketing efforts, create engaging campaigns, and provide the contact information of people you need to get in touch with. And with the options we’ve explored in this blog, you can find one that fits your unique needs and budget.

Don’t waste another minute struggling to find the information you need to succeed. Start using Swordfish today and experience the power of seamless social media networking. Install the Chrome extension and use its free trial now!

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