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LinkedIn Messages: How to Stay Within the Daily Send Limit

March 12, 2024 LinkedIn, Prospect, Sales

LinkedIn is recognized globally as the premier professional networking platform. It offers invaluable opportunities for individuals, of course.

As part of its commitment to preserving a high-quality user experience and ensuring genuine interactions, LinkedIn has implemented specific guidelines and restrictions. One of the primary areas these guidelines touch upon is the sending of LinkedIn messages.

That’s why, users can tailor their approach to LinkedIn messaging by understanding the intricacies of these limits. In this guide, we’ll talk about the specifics of these limits and understand how you can optimize your LinkedIn messaging strategy.

Understanding LinkedIn’s Messaging Limits

In the next section, you’ll get to know about the message limits of LinkedIn. They include:

Decoding the Daily Message Limit

While LinkedIn remains tight-lipped about the exact number of daily messages to 1st-degree connections, seasoned users and industry experts often advise a cautious approach.

So, it’s widely recommended to keep your combined actions, which include both messages and connection requests, under the 250 mark each day.

Going beyond this might activate LinkedIn’s vigilant monitoring system. It’ll put your account at risk of being flagged for unusual behavior. Such flags could result in temporary account restrictions or even suspensions.

InMail Messages – The Premium Outreach

Well, InMail stands out as a unique feature on LinkedIn. It allows users with a premium subscription to reach out to anyone on the platform, irrespective of their connection status.

The number of InMails you’re permitted to send varies based on your subscription model. For example, those with a Recruiter account have the liberty to send as many as 1,000 InMails daily.

However, newcomers to the platform are given a more conservative limit, capped at 200 InMails for their initial week.

Engaging Through Group Messages

LinkedIn’s group feature offers another avenue for communication. Users can send up to 15 complimentary 1-on-1 group messages to fellow group members every month.

Therefore, it’s crucial to note that this limit encompasses all your group memberships and isn’t allocated per group.

The Scope of Profile Views

LinkedIn also sets boundaries on profile views. Those using the platform’s free version can view a maximum of 80 profiles daily.

In contrast, Premium subscribers get an extended limit, allowing up to 150 profile views each day. For the power users who opt for Sales Navigator, they can explore up to 1,000 profiles daily.

Tips for Effective LinkedIn Messaging

Now that you understand the messaging system, here are some tips for you to get it all right.

1. Embrace a Steady Messaging Pace

When it comes to increasing your LinkedIn messaging activities, patience and consistency are key. A sudden influx of LinkedIn messages to new connections can be perceived as aggressive or even spam-like behavior by LinkedIn’s monitoring system.

Here, to avoid any potential pitfalls, consider a methodical approach. If you start by sending 5 messages today, think about incrementing that number to 10 the following day, and perhaps 15 the day after.

This gradual increase not only ensures you stay within LinkedIn’s good graces but also allows you to gauge the effectiveness of your outreach. Try it

2. Prioritize Meaningful Interactions

In LinkedIn messaging, it’s not the sheer volume of messages that counts, but the depth and relevance of each interaction.

Hence, instead of aiming to send a large number of messages, focus on crafting messages that resonate. Personalized messages, tailored to the recipient’s interests and needs, stand a higher chance of eliciting a response.

Also, it lays the foundation for a fruitful professional relationship.

3. Utilize the Power of First-Degree Connections

Your 1st-degree connections on LinkedIn are an invaluable resource. Given that there’s no cap on the number of messages you can send to these connections, they should be at the forefront of your messaging strategy.

Before venturing into the territories of group messaging or InMails, consider reaching out to potential contacts with a well-thought-out connection request.

Once they’re part of your network, initiating meaningful conversations becomes a breeze.

4. Stay Abreast of LinkedIn’s Evolving Landscape

LinkedIn, being a dynamic platform, often revisits and revises its policies and guidelines.

To ensure you’re always in compliance and making the most of your networking efforts, make it a habit to regularly check for any updates or changes to their messaging policies.

5. Choose Your Outreach Tools with Care

If you’re considering the use of automation tools or third-party software to streamline your LinkedIn outreach, exercise caution.

Opt for tools that come with a solid reputation and offer the flexibility to set messaging limits. While automation can be a boon, saving time and effort, it’s essential to strike a balance.

Over-dependence or misuse can result in unintended consequences, including account restrictions.

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Final Words

That’s all about it. Of course, LinkedIn stands as an indispensable tool for professionals across the globe.

When sending a LinkedIn message, understanding and following the platform’s guidelines is crucial. This ensures you make the most of your interactions, build genuine relationships, and achieve your networking goals.

Remember that when it comes to LinkedIn messages to connect, it’s less about the quantity and more about the depth and quality of the conversations you spark.


Can I send messages to people I’m not connected with?

While you can message individuals outside your connections, it’s often recommended to send a connection request with a personalized note first. This gives context to your outreach and can increase the likelihood of a positive response.

Are LinkedIn messages private?

Absolutely. LinkedIn messages are private conversations between the sender and recipient. They’re not visible to other users or the public.

How can I prevent unwanted messages on LinkedIn?

You can adjust your privacy settings to control who can send you messages. Additionally, if you receive inappropriate messages, you can report them to LinkedIn for review.

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