Linkedin Invite Limits: How do I Turn Off? (Updated 2022)

Rounding out this week’s confusion about Linkedin limits and acceptance rates, we found more answers to this specific question.

“How do I turn off LinkedIn invite limits?” Here are 5 Answers to this Question: 

Withdraw Requests From Your Sent Box

Kevin Chen shared this on’s Out of Linkedin Invites? 3 Ways to Get More:

“This is a manual process and takes quite a bit of time. However, it’s worth it to “free up” those invitations that aren’t being accepted.

To do this: Go to Contacts > My Connections. Then at the bottom right hand corner of your connections box, you’ll see a link for “unsent invitations”.

Click on the subject line of any invitations that have not been accepted and that are more than 1 month old. You can then “withdraw” the invite and thereby add them back into your pool. Do not Delete as that does not Withdraw. 

You have to do this manually, tedious, I know.”

Use LinkedCamp shared LinkedIn New Weekly Invitation Limit 2022 – Here is a Solution:

“You can use a tool like LinkedCamp. LinkedCamp is a cloud based LinkedIn automation tool that has been designed to mimic human behavior.

It comes with advanced safety features ‘Inbuilt safety Limit’ and ‘Auto Warm-Up’ that enable users to send connection requests in a manner that it doesn’t seem like a tool is working on the other side. 

Plus, enables users to send 100 invites per day.”

How To Lift The Weekly Invitation Limit?

Amandine answered this question on’s You have reached your weekly LinkedIn invitation limit: the solution:

“Using a tool like Waalaxy allows you to exceed the weekly quota for sending a connection.

Indeed, the tool automatically retrieves the email of the people with whom you want to connect and therefore makes it possible to send the request via the email (which is not subject to weekly quotas) and not via the classic connection request.

So you can send up to 100 connection requests per day without any worries, even if you are restricted by LinkedIn on sending manual requests, not bad isn’t it?”

Invite Person by Email

I’m getting “You’ve reached the weekly invitation limit” warning from LinkedIn and shared the solution:

“There is a workaround: you can use Invite person by email action in order to send invitations by importing profiles’ emails directly into LinkedIn.

Please, check this article for detailed instructions on how to create a campaign and set up the actions in Workflow: How to invite a person by email when the weekly invitation limit is reached.”

Avoiding Getting Restricted From Sending Invitations

On LinkedIn’s own website, listed under Types of Restrictions for Sending Invitations, they suggest the following tips to avoid getting restricted from sending invitations:

• Only send invitations to people you know and trust.

• Provide context by adding a personalized message with your invitation, explaining how you know the recipient, or why you’d like to connect with them.

• Use InMail and Groups to network with LinkedIn members you don’t know.

• Ensure recipients can recognize you by updating the information displayed on your profile.

• Adding a profile photo will increase the credibility of your profile, and it will also help you stand out from the crowd.

How Many LinkedIn Invitations Will You Send Each Week?

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