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LinkedIn Invitation Limit Solved: Building Networks Without Barriers

March 19, 2024 LinkedIn, Prospect, Sales
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Imagine getting a special pass, not for a fun tour, but to meet lots of talented and professional people. That’s what a LinkedIn invitation feels like. It’s not just like adding a friend or following someone online.

A LinkedIn invite means you might work together, help each other out, or share some innovative ideas.

Most people really like it for a mutual interest in professional advancement, But there’s a catch: LinkedIn says you can only send so many. It’s like being told you can only make a few new friends. So, why find a way around this rule?

Well, we don’t want to miss out on meeting smart, creative, and professional people. Keep reading to witness the LinkedIn invitation limit solved and how you can keep sending those invites without any issues.

What is a Weekly Invitation Limit?

LinkedIn invitation limit per day isn’t a thing. Instead, LinkedIn lets you send 100 invites every week. This count starts over seven days after your first invite.

Why? To keep connections genuine and stop spam.

Plus, you should know about the LinkedIn weekly invitation limit reset. It lets you send new invites after a certain time.

Reasons Behind Weekly Limits

Understanding LinkedIn’s invite limits and how to turn them off is important. Before making changes, you must know why these restrictions exist and how to manage them.

Reasons Behind Weekly Limits

  • Personal touch: The limit makes sure people send thoughtful invites instead of just any random ones. It’s about quality, not quantity.
  • Better connections: LinkedIn wants everyone to have good, helpful connections. They don’t want the site filled with random or useless links between users.
  • No spam: This limit cuts down on unwanted or pointless invites. It keeps things clean.
  • Good vibes: LinkedIn wants everyone to like using their site. This limit makes sure it stays a good place for professional friendships.

The idea is to keep things simple, genuine, and useful for everyone.

5 Ways to Bypass LinkedIn Invitation Limit

Are you new to LinkedIn and reached the invite limit already? Don’t stress! We’ve got some simple tricks to help you navigate the LinkedIn weekly invitation cap:


1. Use Free LinkedIn InMail for Open Profiles

LinkedIn offers a feature called Free InMail. This lets you message users who have activated this option in their accounts, turning them into a sort of premium user without the cost. Look out for profiles with a golden badge.

It indicates they’ve enabled the Free InMail feature. The best part? Sending a Free InMail doesn’t count against your credited InMails from a premium subscription. And guess what? You don’t need to be directly connected to someone to use this feature.

That being said, maximizing your LinkedIn connection requests is more than just sending out invites. It’s about strategy, understanding the platform’s specifics, and building genuine relationships.

2. Using Groups to Get Around Connection Limits

When you’re part of a group on LinkedIn, you can message other members even if you’re not directly connected. It’s a neat trick to chat with more people without worrying about the usual limits.

How to Use Groups for More Connections

Now, let’s show you how you can use them —

  • Join Relevant Groups: Look for groups that match your interests or business. For example, if you sell eco-friendly products, join green living or sustainability groups. The idea is to find groups where potential clients or partners might hang out.
  • Be Genuine: Once you’re in, chat with other members. Share ideas, ask questions, and offer advice. Just remember, nobody likes a hard sell. Be helpful and real.
  • Create Your Own Group: If you can’t find the perfect group, make one! Start a group around a topic you’re passionate about. Invite your current LinkedIn connections to join and look for potential members in other groups you’re part of. When inviting people, make your message personal so it doesn’t feel like spam.

3. Chat with Open Profiles

Did you know there’s a simple way to message people on LinkedIn without sending a connection request? It’s called Open Profiles.

What’s an Open Profile?

Some LinkedIn users have set their profiles to ‘Open’. This means you can message them directly; no connection is needed.

Unlimited Messages

The best part? You can send as many messages as you want to these Open Profiles.

Need Premium

To use this feature, you’ll need a LinkedIn Premium account. This includes options like Sales Navigator, Recruiter, or just the regular Premium.

How it Looks

When you message an Open Profile, you’ll see a special chat box. LinkedIn will let you know you’re sending a free message. And guess what? These messages look just like regular LinkedIn messages in the recipient’s inbox.

4. Emails

While LinkedIn is a big deal with its 800 million users, not everyone prefers it for chats. That’s where emails come in:

Why Email?

Emails give you more space. Unlike LinkedIn’s short connection messages, you can write longer, detailed emails. Speaking of emails, have you checked out the adapt prospector LinkedIn email finder? It’s a tool that many professionals are talking about.

How to Use

Sent a connection message on LinkedIn? Follow it up with an email. Expand on what you said on LinkedIn, since emails don’t have those pesky character limits. It’s a great way to add more context or details to your initial message.

Subject line: Chat between Sara & John

Hey Sara,

Hope you’re doing well. I reached out to you on LinkedIn recently.

Noticed you’re the VP of Sales at PowerData. Awesome! I’m wondering if you’re exploring cold outreach to getnew clients.

If so, I’ve got a multi-channel tool that can raise your sales without much hassle. Fancy a quick chat about it?



Request a LinkedIn Connection Through Email

If you’ve hit your weekly LinkedIn connection limit, consider sending an email asking someone to connect with you on LinkedIn by including a link to your profile.

Subject line: Impressed by Your Cold Outreach Post!

Hi Bob,

I came across your recent LinkedIn post on Cold Outreach. Spot on, especially your thoughts on “how SDRs could be smarter”!

I’m Jelena, a content creator. My posts revolve around prospecting, cold outreach, LinkedIn tips, email outreach hacks, and lead generation. Thought you might find some value in them.

I’d love to connect with you on LinkedIn. Here’s my profile:

By the way, I noticed you’re the Sales Director. Are you exploring any tools to optimize your sales process?



However, while LinkedIn is a powerful networking tool, sometimes you need a more direct approach. Learn how to find someone’s email on LinkedIn and connect beyond the platform.

5. Hosting LinkedIn Events to Connect with More People

Hosting events on LinkedIn is a smart way to bypass the usual connection limits. Not only does it allow you to message attendees freely, but it also positions you as an expert in your field.

Why Consider Events?

First of all, you might ask why go for events. Well, you can engage with attendees without worrying about connection limits. Plus, you can display your expertise through events, improving your business’s credibility.

If you don’t know how to set events, it’s pretty easy. Just follow the steps below —

  1. Go to your LinkedIn homepage.
  2. Find the ‘Events’ menu and click the ‘+’ sign next to “Events.”
  3. Give it a catchy name with keywords that appeal to your audience.
  4. Add a detailed description using those same keywords.
  5. Use a relevant and eye-catching image.
  6. Choose a date and time that works for most people.
  7. Decide on registration: Use LinkedIn or set up your own. If using LinkedIn, add a privacy policy.

As you design your event, always keep your target audience at your mind. The better you personalize it to them, the more likely they’ll join and maybe even share it with their connections. That’s more visibility for you!

If you’re lucky, they may share your event’s link with their connections, resulting in more views.

How to Send More Connection Requests on LinkedIn

Boosting your LinkedIn Social Index (SSI) can be a game-changer. With a high SSI, you’re empowered to send up to 200 friend requests every week. Here’s your guide to making it happen:


Improve Your LinkedIn Profile

Your profile is your first impression. Make it good so people are more likely to accept your requests. So, give your profile a professional makeover!

Get More People to Accept Your Requests

If you have many unanswered requests, LinkedIn might think you’re spamming. Keep your network quality high.

A tip: Don’t add notes to your requests unless they’re personal.

If you’re using tools to send automatic messages, be careful. Bad messages can lower your acceptance rate, and LinkedIn might label you as spam. Always send genuine, personal notes.

Share Awesome Content on LinkedIn

Share things that your friends will find valuable. LinkedIn likes it when you add value to their platform. Plus, sharing good content helps your first-degree connections on LinkedIn and can increase your Social Score.

Bonus: if people see you sharing good material, they’re more likely to accept your friend requests.

Limit Break Penalty or Suspension Remedies

If LinkedIn has blocked or punished your account because you sent too many friend requests or broke some rules, here’s what you can do —

  • Learn and Move On: Figure out what you did wrong and promise yourself not to do it again.
  • Talk to LinkedIn: Reach out to LinkedIn’s help team. They might be able to fix things for you.
  • Start Fresh: If nothing works, make a new account with a different email. Just remember not to repeat the same mistakes.

Use of Swordfish AI to Bypass Invitation Limit Issue Swordfish-AI

Swordfish AI is a handy tool that helps you find contact details like emails and phone numbers from various online sources. Here’s how it can be a game-changer, especially when dealing with LinkedIn invitation limits:

  • Direct Contact: Instead of sending LinkedIn invitations and waiting for acceptance, you can directly reach out to potential leads or partners using their email or phone number found through Swordfish AI.
  • Avoid LinkedIn Restrictions: LinkedIn has limits on how many connection requests you can send. With Swordfish AI, you can bypass this by directly contacting a person outside of LinkedIn.
  • Better Engagement: Direct emails or calls can sometimes be more personal and effective than a LinkedIn request, leading to better engagement and response rates.
  • Stay Safe: While you’re reaching out more directly, Swordfish AI ensures the data is sourced responsibly, keeping in mind privacy rules.

So, why stop yourself from reaching to your prospect? Check out Swordfish AI today and break the limit.

Try Swordfish Ai


Alright, people, let’s cut to the chase. We’ve looked into the LinkedIn world and its pesky invitation limits. But guess what? With the right tricks up your sleeve, the whole “LinkedIn invitation limit solved” thing becomes a walk in the park.

So, don’t just sit there! Get in there, try out these bypassing methods, and see which one gets you connected with the LinkedIn crowd. Remember, it’s all about making connections, not getting bogged down by limits.

Go on, give it a whirl!


How many friend requests could you send on LinkedIn before the change?

Before LinkedIn changed the rules, you could send up to 300 friend requests every day. But some people misused this, so they had to change it.

When can I send more friend requests on LinkedIn?

You have to wait a week after sending your first friend request. So, if you send one on Friday at 5 PM, you can send more the next Friday at 5 PM.

Will LinkedIn tell me if someone doesn’t accept my friend request?

No, LinkedIn only tells you when someone says ‘yes’ to your request. They won’t tell you if someone says ‘no’.

How does LinkedIn Sales Navigator’s pricing structure support strategic network expansion?

LinkedIn Sales Navigator offers tailored pricing plans to accommodate different networking strategies, allowing professionals to send a regulated number of connection requests. This approach ensures users can effectively expand their networks without the misuse seen with previous unlimited request policies.

Understanding the linkedin sales navigator cost is crucial for leveraging these features optimally, ensuring you can plan your networking activities within LinkedIn’s guidelines for connection requests and follow-up timing.

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