Linkedin Invitation Limit [SOLVED!] (Updated 2022)

Finally, we have a solution to the recent blog conversation and questions everyone has been asking about the LinkedIn algorithm limiting you from sending more invitations and connection requests. 

Here are 5 Answers to the Question: “How to Solve the LinkedIn Invitation Limit?”

How To Lift The Weekly Invitation Limit? provided an answer and solution to the problem, You have reached your weekly LinkedIn invitation limit: the solution:

“If you got the alert message, don’t panic, you’re not banned. 

You have exceeded the weekly LinkedIn connection request quota. 

If you want to send more requests, you will have to go through a tool like Waalaxy whose technology allows you to bypass LinkedIn’s limit.”

Is There Any Solution to Lift the Weekly Invitation Limit?

This question was answered by Arslan Nasir from’s LinkedIn New Weekly Invitation Limit 2022 – Here is a Solution:

Once you have got this notification from LinkedIn, you have to wait until the next week when things reset back. 

However, you can save yourself from these restrictions and still send 100 connection requests daily by using LinkedCamp.

With this tool, you can easily exceed your weekly quota of sending invites.  LinkedCamp has an auto warm-up feature that sends connection requests slowly and then gradually increases the number once your account has been established. 

When you use LinkedCamp to send connection requests, it sends 80% of the invites of the total quota to 2nd-degree profiles and 20% to the 3rd-degree profiles.

What Do I Do If I Run Out of Invitations?

Stacy Donovan from’s LinkedIn Invitations: All You Need to Know (and Then Some!) answered this way:

“Simply email LinkedIn Customer Service and ask for more invites. 

As long as you haven’t been labeled a spammer by getting too many declines, they will typically grant you another 500 – 1000 invites (per month) to send out. 

If you use them all up, you will need to wait until that month is up before asking for more.”

Use Your Weekly Invitation Limit in a Smarter Way

Luke Tew answered this question on What To Do When You’ve Reached Your Weekly Invitation Limit on LinkedIn:

“We tell everyone that it’s important to not get too stingy with your connections, but this doesn’t mean you have to connect with every single person you come across on LinkedIn.

Now there is a limit in place, take the time to really nurture a potential connection before going for a connection request. With the weekly invitation limited on LinkedIn in place any time you get a rejection it will slow the growth of your network.

Be smarter with your connecting and really target an account you want to connect with. Like their content, comment on their polls and be a part of their discussions. 

Once they know who you are they will be more likely to accept a connection request.”

Ask Other People to Invite You

Kevin Chen shared on’s Out of Linkedin Invites? 3 Ways to Get More:

“Asking other people to invite it’s not as effective as sending an invitation to connect, since it’s not as easy to just “accept”, but it’s still better than nothing. 

You can ask people to send you an invitation to connect and provide them with your LinkedIn link and email address. 

A few places you could add this to are your outgoing emails, on your business cards, and on your website.”

How Many LinkedIn Invitations Will You Send Each Week?

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