LinkedIn Invitation Limit: How Many Can You Send in a Week? (Updated 2023)

Have you ever wondered exactly what the weekly LinkedIn invitation limit is? This question has been hitting LinkedIn marketing news feeds for the past several weeks since they changed their rules. This is leaving some LinkedIn customers confused and trying to find answers.

Here are 5 Answers to the Question: “What is the Weekly LinkedIn Invitation Limit?”

LinkedIn Introduces New Weekly Invitation Limit to Crack Down on Spammers

According to Stefanie Marrone’s article on LinkedIn Introduces New Weekly Invitation Limit to Crack Down on Spammers posted on business website, she said:

In some very welcome news for those of us who are often targeted by LinkedIn scammers and spammers, there’s a new rule that’s finally going to eliminate annoying spammy emails on the platform. Individuals / professionals can only send 100 invites per week.”

Types of Restrictions for Sending Invitations

Even on LinkedIn’s own website, listed under Types of Restrictions for Sending Invitations, they state:

“We have invitation limits in place to protect our overall member experience and to ensure that our members only receive relevant requests. Your LinkedIn account may be temporarily restricted from sending invitations to people for the following reasons:

1. You’ve sent many invitations within a short amount of time.

2. Many of your invitations have been ignored, left pending, or marked as spam by the recipients.”

I’m getting “You’ve reached the weekly invitation limit” warning from LinkedIn

This, according to a question asked by a user on They asked:

“If you saw exactly the same message: ‘You’re out of invitations for now’ or ‘You’ve reached the weekly invitation limit’, then you should know that this is not a LinkedIn Helper issue.

Your LinkedIn account may be either temporarily restricted from sending invitations to people for the reasons mentioned here Types of Restrictions for Sending Invitations – LinkedIn, or most likely, you are under new LinkedIn limitation of 100 invitations per week.”

You Have Reached Your Weekly LinkedIn Invitation Limit: The Solution shared a great article You have reached your weekly LinkedIn invitation limit: the solution:

“LinkedIn has drastically reduced the number of connection requests that it is possible to send manually, on the other hand it is still possible to send a large number of requests using tools like Waalaxy.

These tools not only allow you not to be limited in the number of connection requests you can send per week, but they also allow you to test multi-channel prospecting by integrating email.

Now is the time to test it all.”

Facts About LinkedIn’s Weekly Invite Limit and What You Can Do About It laid out some FAQ’s on this:

“LinkedIn has recently been imposing new weekly invite limits randomly to some accounts. We have tried to find out what these limits are and what basis LinkedIn decides to set these limits.

However, LinkedIn has not been very straightforward. In the absence of credible and accurate information, rumor mills work in high gear adding to the confusion.”

How Many LinkedIn Invitations Will You Send Each Week?

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