Katrina Collier Speaking at SourceCon 2020

SourceCon 2020 Speaker Katrina Collier Presentation

Katrina Collier, SourceCon 2020 Speaker presenting on “Is Your Sourcing Tone Deaf?”

Katrina Collier shows companies how to free their human-made obstacles that hinder great recruitment. HR, talent acquisition and hiring leaders don’t have an issue finding people, they have an issue engaging people, stopping candidates from ghosting, and ensuring that all parties deliver a positive candidate experience.

She is the author of The Robot-Proof Recruiter and Mastermind Cerification, and uses her extensive industry experience to deliver keynote talks and LDJ Facilitation that inspires recruiters, HR, and hiring managers to improve the recruitment experience for everyone.

She is also the founder of multiple DisruptHR UK events, an Ambassador for Hope for Justice charity aiming to end modern day slavery, and co-host of The #SocialRecruiting Show podcast. You’ll find her championing the #BeHuman cause on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram @KatrinaMCollier.

SourceCon 2020 Presentation:
Is Your Sourcing Tone Deaf?

If you’re thinking, “huh?” it could be time for some tuning; if you’re thinking, “ooh clever!” then you are probably in tune with Katrina’s thinking but you’ll still be in for a treat! Katrina Collier been saying for years, “It’s not about the tools, it’s how you play them!” She even wrote The Robot-Proof Recruiter – with the help of some of your favorite SourceCon people – to reinforce the point, and in this keynote she’ll bring the tools to life… with some music (just for Mark).

Don’t worry, she won’t sing or play! Instead she will leave you with a fresh perspective on how to use all the sourcing tools, tricks and tips that you’ll learn about during SourceCon, to ensure that you are in tune with candidates and making music with your career.

Katrina Collier
Author, Speaker & Facilitator
The Searchologist

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