Inside Sales Tips (Updated 2022)

Here are the 5 Best Inside Sales Tips to Learn From in 2022:

1. Importance of Doing Research

An essential habit to hone to become an effective inside sales rep is a universal virtue for all jobs. The diligence to do prior and adequate research. 

Inside sales reps know they are operating within very limited time and each call eats up on contacts’ precious time, so they should not waste moments asking for information they can easily learn from online research and other methods. 

Such basic information may include contact’s employment updates including company, job title, company website, presence in such relevant sites as LinkedIn, among others.

This inside sales tip was shared in’s “15 Inside Sales Tips You Can’t Ignore.”

2. Learn to Thrive in the Discomfort That is Selling

Selling is an inherently uncomfortable activity for many people.

If you’re not careful, it’s easy to allow your own fears, insecurities, and natural desire to be liked, to creep into the conversation and ultimately lead you to pay less attention to what your prospect actually needs. 

And if that discomfort gets in the way of helping the prospect you’re talking to, you’ve already lost the sale.

Lane Caruthers, now an Enterprise Account Executive at Zendesk, has experience working in inside sales for several bay area startups including Cloudera and 

Through his own selling experience, Caruthers has learned how to befriend the variety of uncomfortable activities involved in closing a sale. shared this sales tip in “16 Inside Sales Pros Share Most Effective Sales Tactics for Closing Leads (Fast).”

3. Implement a Sales Engagement Platform for Efficiency and Productivity

Sales organizations should implement a sales engagement solution to streamline and automate sales follow up. 

Think about it. During the period of time between first contact and the goodbye voicemail/email with a single prospect, new leads (possibly a great number of leads) have also entered the sales reps list of people to contact.

With a queue-based sales engagement solution, sales calls and other forms of follow-up stay on track and no lead falls through the cracks. A predetermined workflow schedule automatically reminds sales reps when it’s time to call a new contact or get back in touch with an existing prospect. 

Sales engagement software helps inside sales teams convert more follow-ups into sales. shared “7 Easy Inside Sales Tips to Catapult Your Closing Ratio.”

4. Don’t Sell the Product, Sell the Conversation

This is one of the more powerful inside sales tips and it is to focus more on selling the conversation than selling the product in early sales cycle stage interactions.

Be sure to have responses for anticipated objections. You are guaranteed to face sales objections and you can improve your results by simply preparing responses for the objections that you can anticipate.

Also have a game plan for gatekeepers. You could face gatekeepers up to 50% of your phone prospecting time. 

By having a game plan for how to get around gatekeepers, you will make the most of that large percentage of time that you will spend interacting with them.

This inside sales tip was shared in’s “10 Inside Sales Tips that Will Transform Your Game.”

5. Do a Temperature Check to Understand Your Prospect’s Interest Level

The best inside sales reps can read their prospects. 

And sometimes getting there means explicitly asking them how they’re feeling. HubSpot Principal Account Executive Kristen Kelley recommends reps gauge prospects’ interest by having them rate it on a one to 10 scale.

She says, “Ask them ‘on a scale of one to 10, with 10 being you want to purchase right away and one being you never want to talk to us again, where are you right now?’

“If it’s 10, get them started.  If it’s over five, ask them what it will take to get them to a 10. If it’s under five, discuss whether it makes sense to continue the conversation.” shared their “12 Tips for Mastering Inside Sales, According to HubSpot Experts.”

How Will You Use These Inside Sales Tips in 2022?

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