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Tips on How to Write a LinkedIn Recommendation

April 16, 2024 LinkedIn
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How to write a LinkedIn recommendation

Did you know that 92 percent of people trust recommendations from individuals they know? Knowing how to write a LinkedIn recommendation is a powerful way to help a friend or colleague stand out in a professional network. These recommendations are essential for highlighting skills and establishing a strong online presence. 

When you write a recommendation, it not only benefits the recipient but also boosts your reputation as a knowledgeable professional. A well-crafted recommendation can spotlight someone’s talents and aid their career growth. 

In this guide, we’ll provide simple tips for forming genuine and effective LinkedIn recommendations. Let’s learn how to create messages that genuinely support our near and dear ones and expand their professional journeys!

How to Publish a LinkedIn Recommendation

Publishing a LinkedIn recommendation is straightforward. You have two main ways to do it:

From Your Profile

  • Access Your Profile: First, go to your LinkedIn profile.
  • Find the Recommendations Section: Scroll down until you see the “Recommendations” section.
  • Initiate the Process: Click on the “+” sign in this section.
  • Choose to Give a Recommendation: You’ll see an option to either ask for or give a recommendation. Here, choose to give a recommendation.
  • Select the Contact: A pop-up will appear where you can select the person you want to recommend.

From Their Profile

Here you need to:

  • Visit Their Profile: Go to the LinkedIn profile of the person you want to recommend.
  • Use the More Button: Next to the “Message” button, you’ll find a “More” button. Click on this.
  • Select Recommend: From the dropdown, choose the “Recommend” option. Alternatively, you can scroll to their “Recommendations” section and click on “Recommend [Name].”

Next Steps

After choosing either of the above methods, you’ll need to provide some details:

  • Define Your Relationship: You’ll be asked to specify how you know them. Were you their manager, or colleague, or did they report to you? Choose the appropriate option from the dropdown menu.
  • Mention Their Position: Indicate the position they held when you worked with them. This helps contextualize your recommendation.
  • Write Your Recommendation: Finally, write your recommendation. Keep it brief yet informative, ideally under 3,000 characters. Focus on your experiences and observations of their professional skills and qualities.

Remember, a recommendation is your personal endorsement, so make it genuine and thoughtful. Once you’re done, simply follow the prompts to publish it on their profile.

Importance of LinkedIn Recommendations

LinkedIn recommendations are more than just kind words; they’re a powerful tool for shaping your professional image online. Let’s look into why they’re so important, with a focus on clear, simple explanations:

Importance of LinkedIn Recommendations

Proof of Competency

When a colleague endorses your skills, it’s like they’re giving your abilities a thumbs-up. For instance, a recommendation saying, “Emma’s coding skills contributed to a 30% efficiency increase in our project“. It clearly showcases your abilities.

Real-World Skill Application

These recommendations do more than list your skills; they show how you’ve used them effectively. A colleague might write, “John’s innovative marketing strategies led to a 20% growth in our customer base“.

It offers tangible proof of your skills in action.

Highlighting Achievements

They spotlight your specific successes. For example, “Alex led a team that successfully launched three major products in a year“. This gives a clear picture of your achievements.

Credibility Boost

Guess what? A nod from a respected professional can do wonders for your reputation. It’s like having someone say, “I’ve seen their work, and it’s excellent.”

Edge in Job Applications

In a survey, LinkedIn found that candidates with strong recommendations are three times more likely to get job offers. They act like informal, pre-interview references.

Insightful Mini Reference Checks

Recommendations offer a peek into your work style and ethic from those who’ve seen it firsthand. A former boss might say, “Linda consistently met tight deadlines and managed team pressures well”.

This actually provides valuable insight to potential employers.

How to Write a Recommendation on LinkedIn: Step-by-Step Process

It’s a great way to highlight a friend, industry connections, or colleague’s, talents. Here’s a step-by-step guide to make your recommendation meaningful:

How to Write a Recommendation on LinkedIn

Step 1: Explain the Nature of Your Professional Relationship

At first, you have to clarify how you know the person. This sets the stage for your recommendation, giving it context and relevance. 

For example, “I’ve worked with Lisa for two years at XYZ Corp, directly collaborating on several key projects. Our professional journey together has given me a comprehensive insight into her capabilities.”

Step 2: Offer Details About Their Current or Aspired Position

Then, you need to discuss their role and aspirations. This shows their career progression and ambition. 

For instance, “Lisa started as a junior marketer and quickly rose to a senior role, consistently showing her ability to adapt and excel in dynamic environments.”

Step 3: Explain Their Growth at the Company

Well, now you have to Highlight how they’ve developed over time. This reflects their adaptability and learning curve. 

For example, “Lisa’s journey from managing small-scale projects to leading major campaigns demonstrates her remarkable growth and adaptability in our fast-paced industry.”

Step 4: Show How Their Contributions Helped the Team or Company

You must focus on specific achievements and their impact. This illustrates their effectiveness and value. 

For instance, “Under Lisa’s leadership, our team’s project success rate improved by 30%, showcasing her exceptional management skills and strategic thinking.”

Step 5: Explain What These Achievements Reveal About Them

Connect their professional achievements to personal qualities. This gives a holistic view of their character. 

For example, “Lisa’s achievements are not just a measure of her professional acumen but also reflect her dedication, creativity, and team spirit.”

Step 6: End with a Personal Note

Lastly, you have to conclude with your personal experience or feelings about working with them. This adds a human touch to your recommendation, remember that. 

For example, “Working with Lisa has been a highlight of my time at XYZ Corp. Her positive attitude and collaborative nature have made every project a rewarding experience.”

Tips for Writing an Impactful Recommendation

Knowing how to write LinkedIn recommendation is like creating a mini-portrait of a colleague. It’s all about highlighting their best qualities in a way that’s both truthful and engaging. 

Here are some tips to help you write a recommendation that actually stands out:

Tips for Writing an Impactful Recommendation

  • Be Specific: Instead of general praise, use clear LinkedIn recommendation examples. Say something like, “Sarah’s marketing campaign increased our website traffic by 40%.”
  • Keep it Short and Sweet: Focus on key points. A couple of sentences about their main strengths are more impactful than a long essay.
  • Stay Honest: Your words should reflect what you truly think and feel about the person. If they’re a great team player, say so.
  • Personalize Your Message: Share a story or detail that’s unique to your relationship with them, like how they always had a creative solution in team meetings.
  • Use Unique Skills: Mention something special they bring to the table, such as “James’ ability to analyze data helped us make informed decisions.”
  • Mention Growth and Development: Talk about how they’ve evolved. Such as “In two years, Mia progressed from an intern to a key member of our design team.”
  • End on a Positive Note: Conclude with a strong, supportive statement, such as “I’m confident that Alex will be an asset to any team.”
  • Proofread Before Sending: A recommendation with typos or grammatical errors can detract from its message. A quick check can make a big difference.

LinkedIn Recommendation Examples

Let’s now show you some examples of how to write a good LinkedIn recommendation:

For a Project Collaborator

“Alex is a master at managing large teams. During our six-month product launch, he not only showcased exceptional project management skills but also kept everyone motivated. His positive attitude made every meeting enjoyable. Alex is the ideal project manager for any team needing a mix of technical skill and a positive approach.”

For a Team Colleague

“Meera is the epitome of constant improvement. In the year we’ve worked together, she’s tackled everything from fixing complex software bugs to organizing charity events. Her proactive approach and willingness to help new team members are commendable. Working with Meera has been a joy, and she’s an asset to any team.”

For a Boss

“Fiona was an incredible first manager. Under her guidance, I consistently exceeded sales targets. Her inclusive leadership style fostered diverse viewpoints, strengthening our team. Fiona’s mentorship is invaluable, and I highly recommend working with her if you get the chance.”

For Someone Senior

“Kris taught me invaluable team management skills. His leadership style created a supportive environment in a typically high-pressure industry. Working with Kris is a learning experience I cherish. He’s a true leader, and anyone would be fortunate to work with him.”

For a Mentor

“Jovan was my guiding star in learning digital advertising. Even though not my direct manager, Jordan dedicated time to teach me the essentials, significantly impacting my client work. Their open-door policy for questions, sweetened with donuts, was a highlight. Jovan is an exemplary leader in digital marketing.”

For a Junior Team Member

“Devi is a standout in PR. As our account coordinator, she skillfully manages multiple tasks while seeking innovative opportunities for clients. Her enthusiasm and dedication to the field are evident. Devi’s future in PR is bright, and she’s a valuable addition to any team.”

For a Student

“Jennie’s drive and dedication as an undergraduate were remarkable. Her ability to link classroom learning with real-world scenarios was impressive. Her leadership skills shone through in her extracurricular activities. Jennie is destined for success in management consulting.”

For a Freelancer

“Jeffry is the perfect blend of efficiency and talent. His writing has elevated our real estate company’s content, garnering client praise and referrals. His quick turnaround times are impressive. Jeffry is the go-to writer for elevating your content strategy.”

For a Client

“Working with Amy has been a partnership in the truest sense. Her clear briefs and trust in our creative process have greatly contributed to our project successes. Timely payments and valuable feedback from Amy make her an ideal client. I highly recommend collaborating with her.”

For a Direct Report

“Alisha impressed me from day one with her forward-thinking approach to social media. She quickly rose from coordinator to team lead, always staying ahead of trends. Her ability to engage clients and implement strategies is unmatched. I’d rehire Alisha in a heartbeat.”

5 Great LinkedIn Recommendation Templates You Can Use

If you’re short on time but still want to write a meaningful recommendation, here are some simple templates:

For a Colleague

“I had the pleasure of working alongside [Colleague’s Name] for [time period] at [Company]. [He/She/They] is a true team player, and always manages to foster positive discussions and bring the best out of other employees. 

[His/Her/Their] ability to [specific skill or achievement] was unlike any I’ve seen before and made a dramatic difference in the productivity level of our team. [Colleague’s Name] would be an asset to any team.”

For a Manager or Supervisor

“[Manager’s Name] was my supervisor at [Company] for [time period]. [He/She/They] has an exceptional ability to understand complex project requirements and create clear and actionable strategies. 

Under [his/her/their] leadership, we successfully completed [specific project or achievement], significantly improving our [specific outcome]. [His/Her/Their] blend of [specific skills or qualities] makes [him/her/them] a standout leader. 

Any team would be lucky to have [Manager’s Name] at the helm.”

For a Subordinate or Team Member

“Working with [Team Member’s Name] at [Company] for [time period] was a remarkable experience. [He/She/They] consistently demonstrated [specific skill or attribute], contributing significantly to our team’s success. 

[His/Her/Their] dedication to [specific task or project] was particularly impressive. [Team Member’s Name] is not only a reliable and talented individual but also an inspiring team player.”

For a Business Partner or Client

“My collaboration with [Business Partner’s Name] over [time period] was incredibly fruitful. [He/She/They] brings a unique blend of [specific skills or qualities], which makes [him/her/them] a valuable ally in any business venture. 

[His/Her/Their] insights on [specific area or project] were particularly valuable. I highly respect [Business Partner’s Name] for [his/her/their] professionalism and expertise.”

For a Mentor or Senior Professional

“[Mentor’s Name] has been an invaluable mentor and guide during my time at [Company/Industry]. [His/Her/Their] vast knowledge in [specific field or skill] and willingness to share [his/her/their] expertise has greatly influenced my career. 

[His/Her/Their] advice on [specific situation or decision] was a turning point for me. I am deeply grateful for the support and guidance [Mentor’s Name] has provided.”

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In this guide, we’ve shown you how to write a LinkedIn recommendation. Remember, your words are important and can help someone’s career. When you write, focus on their special skills and what they’ve achieved. 

You have to be professional but also add a personal touch. Keep it short but full of useful details about what makes them good at what they do. Writing these recommendations is a big deal as you’re helping someone get noticed for new chances in their career. 

So, by using these tips, you’re doing more than just writing; you’re helping your colleagues get ahead. Good luck!


How long should a LinkedIn recommendation be?

Aim for 3-4 sentences. It should be concise yet informative, highlighting key attributes and experiences that showcase the individual’s professional abilities and character.

Can I edit a recommendation after sending it?

Yes, you can edit a recommendation after sending it. The recipient also has the option to request changes before accepting and displaying it on their profile. It’s a collaborative process to ensure the recommendation accurately reflects their professional strengths.

Should I use a formal tone in a LinkedIn recommendation?

Keep it professional but friendly. A conversational tone that reflects your genuine experience with the person is best. Avoid overly formal language.

Is it okay to ask for a recommendation in return?

It’s common practice to reciprocate recommendations, but it should never feel obligatory. If you’ve had a positive professional experience with the person, you can offer to write them a recommendation in return, but it should always be genuine and voluntary. ?

How can LinkedIn Sales Navigator plans enhance the process of writing and managing recommendations on LinkedIn?

LinkedIn Sales Navigator plans provide advanced tools that can streamline networking and relationship management on LinkedIn, potentially making the recommendation process more efficient and impactful. With features such as advanced search, personalized insights, and greater visibility into extended networks, users can identify key individuals more effectively, fostering stronger professional relationships.

This enhanced connectivity could lead to more meaningful recommendations, as users gain deeper insights into their connections’ achievements and skills, allowing for more personalized and impactful endorsements. For detailed plan options and features, exploring LinkedIn Sales Navigator 2024 Pricing Details is advisable.


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