How to Reach Corporate Decision Makers (Updated 2022)

Trying to reach an elusive executive corporate decision maker can be a challenge, if not seemingly impossible at times. There are easier ways.

Here are the Best 8 Ways to Reach Corporate Decision Makers in 2022:

1. Be Unique

Be a pioneer. Write a book, host a podcast, start a user conference, own industry events, 

Look for ways you can stand out in the crowd of software startups. Do something meaningfully different.

Do something that others can’t do, or provide insight and value that your competitors simply can’t provide.

This tip to reach corporate decision makers came from’s “Marketing to Enterprise Customers in 2022”.

2. Utilize LinkedIn and Facebook

All the decision makers in an industry of interest are probably already on LinkedIn and are almost definitely on Facebook.

Consider partnering with a reputable data provider (like that can give you prospects’ accurate B2B and B2C email addresses, company website domains, full names, phone numbers, and postal addresses.

Equipped with this information, you can onboard that data on LinkedIn to create a matched audience segment and create a highly relevant ad for them. Likewise, you can do the same on Facebook to create a custom audience and meet them there as well.

This strategy to reach corporate decision makers came from’s “How to Reach Business Decision Makers: 5 Proven Steps That Work!”.

3. Mapping the Organization

Now it’s time to start mapping the org. If it’s a public company, take a look at their 10-K filing. 

If it’s a private company, it’ll take a little more work. Using Linkedin advanced searching, Sales Navigator and visiting profiles, you’ll be able to make an educated guess on the likely decision makers and begin reaching out.

This technique to reach corporate decision makers came from’s “4 Simple Steps to Find the Decision Maker in Any Company”.

4. Referral by Phone

When cold calling, ask for the office of the president or an assistant to a senior executive. Be friendly and respectful, and you will most likely get to someone who can point you in the right direction.

It may take a few tries, but you can make progress.

This tip to reach corporate decision makers came from’s “10 Ways to Reach the Decision Maker”.

5. Know What Titles to Ask For

Sometimes the person you are trying to reach no longer works at the business you are prospecting, and you need to be prepared to provide the administrator with either another name or department to be transferred to. 

You should have a handful of titles that you want to get in touch with, and narrow that down as your calling efforts ensue.

This strategy to reach corporate decision makers came from’s “7 Tips To Quickly Reach The Decision-maker By Phone”.

6. Choose the Right Message

The first few seconds of a call are what can make or break it. 

Crafting the perfect pitch comes with time and experience, but knowledge of the company and the industry they are part of will put you on the right track.

Understanding who they are talking to, their role at the company, and their relationship to the decision maker allow callers to craft a message specifically for that prospect that will better appeal to the needs and wants of the company.

This technique to reach corporate decision makers came from’s “B2B Telemarketing: How to Reach the Decision Maker”.

7. Identify Your Influencer

Your influencer probably won’t have the final say in whether or not a product or service is purchased, but they do hold enough weight with your decision-maker to help push your sale to close.

Potential influencers include assistants, managers, or department heads. 

Regardless of who your influencer is, they should be someone at the company who has a lot to gain from using your products or services.

This tip to reach corporate decision makers came from’s “How to Find Your B2B ‘Decision-Maker’ (And How to Sell to Them)”.

8. Ways to Create a Relationship

Once you know the name of the decision maker, the work is far from done. 

Next, you have to establish a relationship. It might be quite a while before you can ask for a sale so plan to be patient. 

The key is to add value to them just as you will later ask them to add value to you.

This strategy to reach corporate decision makers came from “How to Reach Decision Makers and Purchasing Agents” article.

How To Reach Corporate Decision Makers In 2022?

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