How to do Corporate Sales (Updated 2022)

Selling to corporations and executives requires more sophistication and finesse.

Here are 5 Corporate Sales Tips to Use in 2022:

1. Know Your Product

Once you get into a corporate sales, the first 15–20 days (your honeymoon period) will probably go into learning the product. 

Although it is a time where you are adjusting to the change of being part of a new organization, at the same time it is absolutely necessary that you pay as much attention to learning the product as possible.

Convincing a customer solely lies on your ability to explain the product to them. 

You are expected to have all the technical answers and if you take your own sweet time answering technical questions, you may lose your customers interest.

This corporate selling tip came from “How to Rock at Corporate Sales”.

2. Timing is Everything

The biggest obstacle to selling to corporate clients today is that people on the inside aren’t just busy, they’re frenzied. 

Small-business owners who are highly successful in landing corporate clients not only understand this, but they also do something very smart: They time their sales pitches to match up with what corporate decision makers are preoccupied with at that very moment in time.

Staying in the know is a lot easier than it may seem. By setting up Google alerts you can keep an eye on relevant press releases and news articles about your target clients

Marla Tabaka shared “5 Secrets For Landing a Whale of a Client” on

3. Cold Email Stage

Cold email is the only subtle and outbound channel where you will see actual results in today’s world. 

This is the first step of an inside sales process. You will use this step to initiate a conversation with the lead and create awareness about your product / solution.

This is not really done through just talking about your product, it is done through talking about the problem you are trying to solve.

Kristen Watson shared this corporate selling strategy on’s “What is Best Strategy for Corporate Sales?” article.

4. Have Conversations, Not Presentations

Turn off the projector and turn on the lights.

Instead of giving a run-of-the-mill PowerPoint presentation, grab a marker and an easel pad and have a conversation with your prospects.

This corporate selling tip came from’s “Seven Tips for More Effective Sales”.

5. No Budget? No Project 

No deal will go through if there’s no money in the budget. 

Always ask if the client has a budget at the first meeting. 

Don’t necessarily expect them to tell you how much it is. Price negotiations will come later. But if your contact can’t answer budget questions, it’s a strong clue you are not talking to the decision-maker.

This corporate selling tip came from’s “5 Selling Strategies to Reach Big Corporations”.

How Will You Use the 5 Corporate Sales Tips in 2022?

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