How To Close Enterprise Deals (Updated 2023)

Isn’t it time you made 2022 your year as a heavy-hitter sales closer of enterprise sized deals?

Here are the Best Strategies to Close Enterprise Deals in 2022:

1. Seek First to Understand

All too often, a founder’s instinct is to take up most of the meeting explaining the company’s pitch. 

Have your pitch down pat and be able to deliver it in no more than 3 sentences.

An example: 

“Our product helps ABC types of companies alleviate X pain point by adding Y value. For instance, we’re working with ABC company who was struggling with X, and we’ve implemented our product to help them achieve Y.”

This closing enterprise deals tip came from’s “5 Steps To Closing That Enterprise Sales Deal”.

2. You’re Selling to a Champion

A “champion” in most basic definition is someone on the customer side who wants your solution, sees the value in it, and is now going to become your internal advocate and promoter with the other 6-7 decision-makers. 

This is the individual who will help you close more enterprise deals. So you need to find your champion to make sure your enterprise deal close faster.

This closing enterprise deals tip came from’s “How To Close More Enterprise Deals”.

3. Research. Research. Research.

Know your industry, and more importantly, know the prospect. 

Know the prospect better than they know themselves. Learning about the company in advance allows you to be on the same page from the beginning, and also may lead to some opportunity.

Finding the ‘pain points’ is a key goal of your research. 

The enterprise likely has one overarching issue you want to solve, but if you can find numerous areas in which your product can help, your value skyrockets.

This closing enterprise deals tip came from’s “7 Easy Steps That Will Help You Close Enterprise Deals Faster”.

4. Treat Prospects as a Market of One

Enterprise-scale customers respond best to the ABS (account-based selling) treatment because of their sheer size and lifecycle value.

That means equipping your account executives (AE’s) with best-in-class insight, resources, and tools for engaging this elite segment of the B2B market.

This closing enterprise deals tip came from’s “Breaking Into Enterprise Sales: How To Close $100K+ Deals”.

5. People Buy From People They Trust

Customers choose companies not based on product, but on how much they like and trust the company. If you can build rapport with your customer, you will win the deal.

The product and price point is never as important as the individual they’re buying from, when the deal requires a large amount of time and resources.

This closing enterprise deals tip came from’s “The One Thing You Need To Close Enterprise Deals”.

6. Share Your Plan

A close plan will only be as effective as it can be if there is buy-in from the top down. 

Using your template, create a customer-specific close plan by meeting with sales leadership and team members and outlining the strategic steps that need to be taken in order to get the deal done.

If you have a date in mind from the outset, outline your plan backward from your deadline to assure that you stay on top of things.

This closing enterprise deals tip came from’s “Close Plans: 5 Steps to Take Your Deal to the Finish Line”.

7. Develop an Objective, Data-Driven Qualification Model and Apply it Ruthlessly

When you’re just starting out and have few customers, it’s hard to say no to any meeting. 

But it’s at precisely this stage of company growth when you need to be judicious about where to spend your time.

This is why effective sales teams tend to have very clear qualification models that they apply throughout their sales cycle. 

This closing enterprise deals tip came from’s “The Most Surefire Way I’ve Found to Win Enterprise Deals”.

8. Parallelize Processes

Find out which of these steps you can go through in parallel. 

So rather than doing step 1, then 2, then 3, 4, 5 etc., you try to find opportunities for steps you can already take, while other steps aren’t completed yet. 

Maybe you can already get started on step 5, while you’re still working with them on getting step 2 accomplished.

Most companies go through the sales cycle sequentially. That’s fine. But if you want speed, you split the cycle up into several threads that run in parallel.

This closing enterprise deals tip came from’s “How to shorten the sales cycle (and close deals faster)”.

How to Close Enterprise Deals in 2022?

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