Greg Hawkes Speaking at SourceCon 2020

SourceCon 2020 Speaker Greg Hawkes presentation

Greg Hawkes, SourceCon 2020 Speaker presenting on “The Paradigm Shift: Sourcing Tools and Resources For the New Reality”

Greg Hawkes is a Principal Sourcing Leader at M&T Bank and Creator and Founder of SourcingIRL, HRSourcingToolbox, HealthcareSourcingToolbox and has ongoing Speaker and Contributor for SourceCon.

He’s recruited and sourced in healthcare, tech, engineering, biotechnology, manufacturing and many other industries. Greg has covered topics ranging from Site Searches and CSEs, to Deep Dives and URL Sourcing.

He is a huge fan of emerging technologies and Boolean Syntax and always willing to share a technique or hack to find the elusive purple squirrel.

SourceCon 2020 Presentation:
The Paradigm Shift: Sourcing Tools and Resources For the New Reality

The world has changed. In midst of millions of people entering the job market, sourcing has been evolving into something much more different. It’s become less about finding the purple squirrel and more about helping people find jobs.

In this session, Greg goes over details of sourcing in this new paradigm, including identifying profile sites, lay-off lists, job seeker communities, online directories and utilizing other sourcing tools and resources.

He’ll also go over details on what to do with the data, how to harness chrome extensions to organize and extract, and how to implement strategic recruitment campaigns around several pipelines.

Takeaways include:

  • Lists of resources and tools for sourcing and effective pipelining
  • Chrome extensions, Data Extraction Tools, and strategic measures to streamline sourcing
  • Solutions around data, and best practices in outreach and engagement

Greg Hawkes
Principal Sourcing Leader
M&T Bank

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