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100+ Follow Up Email Subject Line Examples to 10X Your Open Rates

April 18, 2024 Email Address
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Approximately 347.3 billion emails are sent and received each day across the internet. With such a huge number, how do you make sure yours gets noticed? That’s where the follow-up email subject line comes in, helping your message stand out.

It’s more than just words; it’s the first touchpoint, the initial draw. A misjudged subject line can easily relegate your email to the ignored pile. Given the sheer volume of daily emails, writing the right follow-up subject is an absolute imperative.

That’s why we’ll share with you 40 crisp and precise subject lines for your follow-up emails. You’ll know why it’s important, and practical tips along with some best practices to follow.

Why the Follow-Up is So Important?

Many salespeople are hesitant to send follow-up emails, fearing they might seem too aggressive or unskilled.

However, consider these key points —

  • 48% of sales reps don’t follow up at all.
  • 44% give up after just one try.
  • 80% of customers declined four times before agreeing on the fifth follow-up.

Given these figures, creating a strategic follow-up email is crucial for effective outreach. It’s common for prospects to overlook initial emails, especially since the average office person gets over 120 emails daily.

However, persistence in follow-ups often leads to success.

To stand out among numerous emails, focus on the subject line. It’s the first thing recipients see and can make your message noticeable. Below are the detailed reasons for its importance —

Grabbing Attention

With numerous emails flooding inboxes daily, a catchy subject line ensures yours stands out. Aim for clarity, brevity, and intrigue to entice readers to click.

Enhancing Open Rates

A compelling subject line can significantly boost your email’s open rates. Investing time in crafting the perfect line can yield better engagement results.

Setting the Stage

A vague subject line leaves recipients guessing. Clearly state your email’s intent, helping them gauge its relevance and increasing the likelihood they’ll read it.

Boosting Engagement

Encourage recipients to interact with your content. Whether it’s a question, special offer, or call to action, a proactive subject line can elevate response rates.

Building Trust

Your subject line’s tone and content reflect your professionalism. Especially in follow-ups, it’s essential to appear reliable and genuine to foster trust.

Does Your Follow-Up Email Subject Line Matter?

Some say the subject of the follow-up email isn’t as important as the email itself. Yes, the email’s main content is key, but the subject counts too.

If it’s too long, dull, or off-topic, people might not open it or might get the wrong idea. Good email subjects help build trust and clear talk with potential customers.

In fact, a third of people that’s 33%, open emails because of the subject.

Tips to Write a Follow-up Email Subject Line

If you want your subject lines to be memorable and catchy, follow these tips —

Short and Sweet

Most access emails on mobile. Keep subject lines concise yet clear. It’s always best to aim for 6-10 words. A study by Retention Science found that the best follow-up email subject lines have between 6 to 10 words for the highest open rates.

A lengthy subject line can be confusing. Thus, consider sending the follow-up in the original thread.


Typically, an email subject line should range from 36 to 50 characters. This ensures it’s easily readable and displays well on most email platforms.

Spark Interest

Your subject line should intrigue without giving everything away. It’s about striking a balance between clarity and curiosity.

Test it Out

Use A/B testing to see which subject line resonates more. So, try two versions in a small group, then roll out the best one.

Make it Personal

Emails with names or relevant details catch attention. In fact, a study shows that including personal touches can boost open rates by 50%. That’s why ensure the subject line speaks directly to the reader.

Avoid Deceptive Tactics

It’s tempting to use catchy phrases, but avoid misleading your audience. It can harm your brand and the sender’s reputation.

Note: When creating a subject line for a follow-up email after no response, ensure it’s relevant and resonates with the recipient’s previous interaction.

100+ Follow-Up Email Subject Line Examples

Here, we’ve provided over 100 email subject lines you can use for your everyday follow-up email.

General Follow-Up

  1. [Your Name or Company Name] here again!
  2. It’s a pleasure to meet you, {Name}!
  3. Thanks for having me, {Name}!
  4. Hello {Name}, just checking in.
  5. It was great talking to you today, {Name}!

These lines are simple and work for anyone you’ve talked to before. They’re friendly and show you want to connect more.

Subject lines with Questions

Questions grab attention. They make people curious. So, using a question in your follow-up email can get them to open it. They might want to know more or find an answer. Here are some straightforward questions you can use —

  1. Were you able to review our offer, [name]?
  2. Would it be possible to talk further about your needs, [name]?
  3. Are there any concerns you’d like us to address?
  4. Do you want more info on our [product/service]?
  5. Have you tried the free trial of [product/service] yet?
  6. Do you need help achieving [specific goal]?
  7. Do you still want to know more about [topic]?
  8. Can we do anything to earn [company’s name]?
  9. Were all your questions answered in our previous conversation?
  10. What’s your opinion of our [product/service]?
  11. Do you need any assistance with [specific task]?
  12. What’s getting in the way of your progress?
  13. Is there anything else we can provide you with?
  14. Is there anything we can do to adjust to better suit the needs of [name of company]?
  15. Were you able to discuss our offer with your team, [Name]?

The use of a question-based subject line is an effective way to increase engagement and response rates, but always make sure the question is relevant, caters to the readers, and offers them clarity and specificity.

Conversational Follow-up Email Subject Lines

People often skip emails that feel robotic. So, make your email subjects sound like a chat between friends in case of, for example, an event follow-up email subject line. This way, your email feels more like a chat and less like a sales pitch.

Here are some easy-to-use subjects —

  1. I am thrilled to share some exciting news with you, [name]
  2. I have an urgent question for you, [Name]: [insert question here]?
  3. I just wanted to remind you, [Name], about [specific task]
  4. Just checking in to see how you are, [Name].
  5. Are there any updates to share, [Name]?
  6. Let me share what we’ve been doing recently, [Name]
  7. Staying in touch with you
  8. Would you like us to assist you with anything, [Name]?
  9. I haven’t heard from you in a while. Are things going well for you?
  10. Are you familiar with [topic]?
  11. Please respond by [specific deadline]

While chatty is good, don’t be too casual. Adjust based on who you’re talking to. And remember, a good subject is just the start. Learn how to write the rest of the email well.

Goal-Focused Email Subjects

Subjects that talk about goals grab attention. Make your subjects show how your email can help achieve something. For instance, instead of just saying, “Get fit for summer,” try “Drop 10 pounds in a month with our plan.” This way, they know what to expect and why to read on.

Here are more goal-centered subjects:

  1. Join us in crushing [goal] together, [Name]
  2. As I noticed, you are focused on [goal]
  3. Your focus on [goal] is impressive. [Name]
  4. These blogs might be fun for you, [Prospect]
  5. Please let me know how we can collaborate
  6. Here’s something exciting to share
  7. We’re giving you a limited-time deal
  8. Would you be willing to see a demo of our product?
  9. You might be interested in our success story.

Test different subjects to see what clicks with your audience. Adjust and refine based on feedback.

Subject Lines for Post-Interview Follow-Up Emails

Here are the most common yet effective subject lines for follow-up emails after the interview —

  1. Thank You
  2. Thanks for the interview for [job role]
  3. Appreciating your time
  4. Follow-up on [job role] interview
  5. Seeking [job role] interview feedback
  6. Post-interview thank you note
  7. Gratitude and feedback request for [job role] interview

Subject Line for Follow-Up Email for Job Application

Keep your subject lines concise to ensure they’re fully visible, especially on mobile devices. Begin with words that clearly indicate it’s a job application to grab the reader’s attention.

In fact, eMailmonday states that about 77% of emails are viewed on mobile phones, so brevity is crucial.

Sample subject lines are —

  1. Senior Web Developer Position Inquiry
  2. Follow-up: Project Management Role
  3. Sales Associate Position Update – Hertz James
  4. Online Community Ambassador Application Status, Henry Jones
  5. Kevin’s Application Update: Customer Service Associate Role
  6. Status Check: Senior Management Position, Harvey Garner

Event Follow-Up Email Subject Line

Engaging with attendees after a successful event is crucial to gather feedback and insights. Here, creating the right subject line can make a significant difference in the response rate.

  1. Any thoughts on [Event Name], [Recipient Name]?
  2. [Recipient Name], how was [Event Name] for you?
  3. We’d love your feedback on [Event Name].
  4. Rate your experience at [Event Name], [Recipient Name].
  5. Help us enhance future events – share your thoughts on [Event Name].
  6. Was [Event Name] up to your expectations, [Recipient Name]?
  7. Your insights on [Event Name] matter to us, [Recipient Name].

Payment Follow-Up Email Subject Line

When following up on payments, it’s essential to be clear, concise, and respectful. Here are some sample subject lines to ensure effective communication —

  1. Follow-up on Invoice #65465
  2. Warning: [Product] account deactivation in [number] days
  3. Limited rooms available at special rate
  4. Overdue Invoice Alert: Have you checked Invoice #543?
  5. Free shipping promo available now
  6. Urgent: Invoice no. 147 is two weeks overdue
  7. Last chance: [Event Name] registration
  8. Immediate Attention: Past due invoice [invoice ####] for [business name]
  9. Payment Issue: [Product] account update needed
  10. Friendly Reminder: Invoice #20198 awaiting payment
  11. Account #6698: Payment due
  12. Heads up, [Name]: [Product] trial ending in [number] days
  13. Action Needed: Invoice #26126 due today, [Name]
  14. Exclusive offer: 24 hours only
  15. Payment Update Required: Account #2105
  16. Critical: [Product] account paused due to payment issue

Subject Line For Follow-Up Email After Networking

It’s important to maintain your connections after a networking event. A well-crafted follow-up email can help solidify these relationships.

Here are some sample subject lines to make your email pop —

  1. Great meeting you at [event], [name]!
  2. [Your name] from [event]: Let’s reconnect.
  3. Following up post-[event]: Let’s discuss [topic].
  4. Appreciated our conversation about [topic] at [event].
  5. Eager to continue our chat from [event], [name].
  6. Checking in after [event]: How have you been, [name]?
  7. Available for a catch-up post-[event]?
  8. Thoughts on [topic] from [event]?
  9. Let’s dive deeper into [topic] – are you free on [day]?
  10. Reflecting on our insightful chat at [event].
  11. Hoping to reconnect: [Your name] from [event].
  12. Would love to discuss [topic] further, [name].

Career Fair Follow Up Email Subject Line

After attending a career fair, it’s essential to reconnect with potential employers. Here are some effective subject lines to consider for your follow-up emails:

  1. Revisiting our discussion at JobFairX
  2. Grateful for our connection at [name of career fair]
  3. Touching base after our talk at [name of career fair]
  4. Enjoyed our meeting at the recent [name of career fair]

Webinar Follow Up Email Subject Line

You can use webinars to spread information, foster connections, and grow your business. Following the session, send a follow-up email to keep them engaged. These are some effective subject lines for post-webinar emails —

  1. Appreciation Note: Summary and Tools from Our [Webinar Topic] Session
  2. Latest Updates: AI and Machine Learning Webinar Recap
  3. Missed Our [Webinar Topic] Session? Access the Replay Here!
  4. Deep Dive into [Webinar Topic]: Access Resources and Extended Insights
  5. Upcoming Session Alert: [Webinar Title] Focusing on [Webinar Topic]
  6. Status Inquiry: Final Biology Research Session
  7. Touching Base After Our Recent Webinar Session!

Follow Up Email Subject Line For Sales

Online sales can be challenging due to the myriad of choices available to prospects. Your email subject lines need to be compelling to get recipients to open it and take action.

Here are some effective subject lines to boost your sales —

  1. Recent Success: [sales details]
  2. Checking in: Still interested?
  3. Updates on [event]
  4. Is this of interest to you?
  5. Let’s discuss [Matter]
  6. Seeking your thoughts on [Product/Services]
  7. Touching base about [Matter]
  8. Experience the new [Matter]
  9. Could use your assistance with [Matter]
  10. Impressed by your insights on [event]

Best Practices for Follow-up Email Subject Lines

The power of a subject line can’t be underestimated. It’s the bridge between your message being read or overlooked. Here’s how to nail it —

  • Make it Personal: Mention their name or a past interaction. That way it feels genuine and builds trust.
  • Skip the Spammy Words: Words like “free” or “limited-time offer” can land your email in the spam folder. Be cautious.
  • Be Direct: Always keep it concise and focus on your main message. Thus, it helps the reader quickly gauge the email’s relevance.
  • Grab Attention: A catchy phrase can pique curiosity, prompting them to read further.
  • Ditch ‘Follow Up’: It’s obvious it’s a follow-up. Instead, be specific, like hinting at the subject line for follow-up email after the meeting.

By following these tips, you improve the chances of your emails being seen and valued. Always think from the reader’s perspective: what would intrigue them?

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do emotions in email subject lines matter?

Absolutely. Subject lines that spark curiosity, urgency, or other emotions tend to have better open rates. They compel readers to explore the email further.

What’s the best way to steer clear of spam triggers in subject lines?

Steer clear of all caps, overusing punctuation, and avoid phrases like “Free” or “Buy now.” Also, uphold a good sender reputation and stick to email marketing guidelines.


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