Erin Mathew Speaking at SourceCon 2020

SourceCon 2020 Speaker Erin Mathew presentation

Erin Mathew, SourceCon 2020 Speaker presenting on “How Do I Become an Innovator in the Sourcing Community?”

Erin Mathew has been contributing to the SourceCon community since 2018, is a SourceCon academy graduate and helped write the Hack-a-Thon for the SourceCon Virtual 2020.

She has recruited for everything from healthcare workers, to promo models to cleared engineers and everything in between. She is best known for developing sourcing methods for finding talent on Reddit and utilizing video and comedy into candidate outreach.

Currently, she works as a Strategic Talent Sourcer for Maxar Technologies which is an aerospace government contractor. She lives in Darien, IL with her husband and 2 dogs. When she’s not sourcing she enjoys attempting dangerous stunts as a competitive pole fitness athlete.

SourceCon 2020 Presentation:
How Do I Become an Innovator in the Sourcing Community?

Have you ever sat in the audience listening to speakers share their discoveries at SourceCon or any other conference and wondered, “How do I get on that stage someday?” Have you ever read blogs by well-known sourcers and asked “How did they even think to come up with that method?” Have you ever glanced at Dean Da Costa’s SSAR pages and wondered where the heck does he find all of these tools? Everyone in the sourcing community has the potential be an innovator but it’s not always easy to know where to start.

In this session, you will learn helpful methods to go from someone who learns sourcing methods, to someone who creates them.

Key Takeaways:

  • Stories from industry leaders on how they got started
  • Ideas for researching tools and methods
  • Reporting and organizing your findings
  • How to share your discoveries within the community

Erin Mathew
Strategic Talent Sourcer
Maxar Technologies

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