Erin Mathew at SOSUV 2020

Erin Mathew, SOSUV 2020 Speaker presenting on “Decoding The Source Code – A Guide To Understanding Software Engineering For Sourcers”

Erin Mathew has been Sourcing and recruiting since 2014. She has searched for just about every kind of talent including but not limited to healthcare, IT, SAT prep tutors, cleared professionals and costumed mascots.

She currently works in the aerospace industry as a the strategic sourcing manager for Maxar Technologies. When she’s not finding talent in weird places like Reddit she enjoys spending time with her husband and two dogs.

SOSUV 2020 Presentation:
Decoding The Source Code – A Guide To Understanding Software Engineering For Sourcers

Is the software development lifecycle still a complicated puzzle for you? Is it difficult to keep all of the programming languages straight? Do you feel like you’ll never fully grasp any of the concepts in IT?

Erin will break everything down for you in “Decoding the Source Code.” You will be provided with tools and resources to help gain a base level of proficiency in understanding the crazy intricate world of software development and enable you to be a stronger tech sourcer.

Erin Mathew
Strategic Talent Sourcing Manager
Maxar Technologies

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