Enterprise Selling For Large Dollar Complex Sales (Updated 2023)

Do you want to increase your average sale amount this year? Start selling to large enterprise corporate accounts where the deal size $ can range from over $100,000, to $1 million, to even $10 million or more.

Here are the Top 7 Enterprise Selling For Large Dollar Complex Sales Tips to Use In 2022

1. Get in The Door

Before you can land your first enterprise sales deal, you need to get yourself a seat at the table. Spending time on background research is a critical component of this process.

Build your lead list in detail. Warm referrals are always the best options. Find a mutual connection and make it a very low lift for that person to make the introduction. 

Pre-draft the email that you want your connection to send. Always do your homework on the target contact and don’t feel afraid to write highly personal notes once you’re connected.

This enterprise selling tip came from Forbes.com’s “5 Steps To Closing That Enterprise Sales Deal”.

2. No Financial Budget Plan, No Project

No sales arrangement will be experienced if there’s no cash budget in their financial plan.

Continuously inquire as to whether the enterprise customer has a financial plan (budget) at the initial meeting. Don’t assume they will let you know the amount it is, value transactions will come later.

If your initial contact can’t answer spending inquiries, it’s a solid sign you are not conversing with the leader.

This enterprise selling tip came from DevriX.com’s “How to Sell to Large and Enterprise Business [Top 17 Point Checklist]”.

3. Target the Right Decision Makers

Ideal prospects for a complex sale are executive level decision makers who sit across different functions of a business.

These execs have budget and insight. They are the right people positioned to make a buying decision. 

The best way to identify decision makers is through market research and audience development. Both allow you to find your total addressable market and guarantee you are talking to a qualified audience of potential buyers.

This enterprise selling tip came from MarketLauncher.com’s “The Enterprise Sales Process: 5 Steps for Closing a Complex B2B Sale”.

4. Sell to Multiple Stakeholders

No matter how high up the person is you’re selling to, you need to sell to different groups of people within the enterprise. Up and down the decision-making hierarchy, vertically as well as horizontally.

You need to understand that different groups have different needs. And you need to cater to all these groups. 

Even if the CEO tells his team to buy your product, if you don’t have buy-in from the IT department (for example), you might make the sale, but your product won’t get implemented correctly. You’ll eventually lose that customer.

This enterprise selling tip came from Close.com’s “The 7 essential rules for successful enterprise sales for startups!”.

5. Create Case Studies to Demonstrate Value

An enterprise decision-maker has a lot on their plate already. Even if they’re interested in your solution, they’re too busy to seek out the details needed to make an informed decision.

Once you’ve opened up a conversation with your prospect, you need to demonstrate the value of your product or service as quickly and efficiently as possible.

This enterprise sales tip came from PropellerCRM.com’s “The Ultimate Enterprise Sales Guide: How Startups Can Close Bigger Deals”.

6. Understand and Care About Solving Customer Problems.

At the end of the day, it’s not just about price and product. There’s a reason that people will answer your call or call you back. You really have to care about solving an enterprise’s problem.

When you put their challenges at the center of your focus and provide real solutions, you’ll start to develop aligning interests. 

You have to take not only an interest in their business and problems, but also in their people.

This enterprise sales tip came from SalesForce.com’s “3 Keys to Navigate the Unique Challenges of Enterprise Sales”.

7. Be Patient

Patience is more than just a virtue, it’s a necessity. The enterprise sales cycle lasts more than six months. 

With many stakeholders involved at multiple levels up the business chain, therefore, more people to negotiate with. Naturally, winning over multiple decision-makers takes time.

At the same time, enterprise sales have a high return for the time you put into them because the contracts are so much larger. All that extra effort is worthwhile.

Follow up regularly. Cultivate the relationship between your company and the enterprise.

This enterprise selling tip came from RevenueGrid.com’s “The enterprise sales process: 5 steps to close deals with corporate giants”.

How to Use The Top 7 Enterprise Selling For Large Dollar Complex Sales Tips In 2022?

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