Diane Circo Speaking at ERE Digital 2020

Diane Circo, ERE Digital 2020 Speaker presenting on “Are Your Recruiters Disempowered?”

Diane Circo is the vice president of U.S. talent acquisition at Siemens. She joined the company in 2018 and is responsible for the design, development, and implementation of talent acquisition strategies that combine the best of technology, human insight, and future-ready mindset.

Prior to Siemens, Diane spent 12 years at IBM leading talent acquisition teams, including an Americas leadership role within the global executive search practice where she helped the company reduce search firm dependency and realize millions of dollars of cost avoidance.

Diane’s career journey started by serving at-risk children and their families in correctional and community-based programs where she spent five years. She entered the world of talent acquisition when she was asked to partner on the recruitment of licensed clinicians and she has never looked back since. No matter the role, Diane is committed to her true passion — connecting people to possibilities.

ERE Digital 2020 Presentation:
Are Your Recruiters Disempowered?

In our VUCA world, it’s more important than ever for TA teams to deliver maximum value to the business. But despite all of the advancements in TA technology and methodology, many TA organizations are still somewhere on the journey from order-taker to strategic partner. Could it be because recruiters feel disempowered?

Join Diane Circo as she shares the story of the ongoing transformation of the Siemens U.S. talent acquisition team. Discover how empowerment is central to the process as Diane explains how Siemens is leveraging her department’s most valuable assets — recruiters!

But don’t just take Diane’s word for it. Dan Meyers, a Siemens recruiter, will join her to share firsthand the role he has played in elevating talent acquisition at his company.

During this session, you’ll learn how to:

  • Empower recruiters to co-create the future
  • Engage recruiters to drive transformation from within
  • Uncover hidden skills and capabilities of your recruiters
  • Minimize fear of change

“Empowerment” is a buzzword that gets thrown around a lot at many organizations. Join us for an impactful session to discover what it actually means in practice!”

Diane Circo
VP, US Talent Acquisition

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