Dean Da Costa Speaking at SOSUV 2020

Dean Da Costa, SOSUV 2020 Speaker presenting on “Harnessing The Power Of Osint For Sourcing Difficult Roles”

SOSUV 2020 Presentation:
Harnessing The Power Of Osint For Sourcing Difficult Roles

In this illuminating session, master tool tinkerer and OSINT authority Dean Da Cost will offer the latest tools and techniques that will super-charge your sourcing. Fresh from penning the only OSINT book focused on sourcing, Dean will offer a special tool he made exclusively for the Sourcing Community. Not to be missed.

What to expect OSINT tools and techniques are part and parcel of any serious sourcer’s toolbox. This session will hone in on the latest useful OSINT tools and techniques to apply to sourcing. It will also offer a complete list of the best free and paid OSINT tools.

Dean Da Costa
Enterprise Sourcing Practice Lead
Lockheed Martin

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