Customer Journey Marketing Strategies (Updated 2022)

Mapping out the path of your prospective customer experience needs to be strategic.

Here are the Top 6 Customer Journey Marketing Strategies to Implement in 2022:

1. Prioritize Objectives and Spending

In the past, most marketers consciously chose to focus on either end of the marketing funnel, building awareness or generating loyalty among current customers.

Our research reveals a need to be much more specific about the touch points used to influence consumers as they move through initial consideration to active evaluation to closure.

By looking just at the traditional marketing funnel’s front or back end, companies could miss exciting opportunities not only to focus investments on the most important points of the decision journey but also to target the right customers.

This first customer journey marketing strategy came from’s “The Consumer Decision Journey”.

2. Explore the Impact of Marketing Initiatives

Once you understand the impact of different touchpoints in isolation, what happens when you create different combinations? 

Simulations that estimate the potential impact and contribution of different customer journeys will lead you to the most valuable. And, may also lead you to some creative new marketing initiatives.

This customer journey marketing plan came from’s “Build Your Marketing Plan around the Customer Journey”.

3. Improve Messaging

Your customer’s motivation to make a purchase is a huge factor in how they decide what company to stick with. 

If you find that what your customers are looking for is not what you advertise, it’s a clear sign you should improve it. shared their “Guide: How to Effectively Incorporate Customer Journey Mapping into Your Marketing Strategy”.

4. Make Your Marketing Strategy Customer Focused!

The key to effectively incorporating customer journey mapping into your marketing is two-fold. You have to gather reliable data and implement it correctly.

Find data on who your customers are, and how do they interact with the brand. 

Knowing these two things will help you craft a message that would resonate with your audience at a particular stage in their journey and place that message in a place where it’s going to be seen.

This customer journey marketing tip came from’s “6 Steps to Add Customer Journey Mapping to Your Marketing Strategy”.

5. Be a Better Listener Than You are a Marketer

The best marketers are the best listeners.

The more I talk to customers, the more I learn. I’ve spent way too many days behind a computer when I could have been meeting with customers learning how we can best help them.

Don’t assume that you have all the answers. Build feedback loops internally from your colleagues that are on the front lines servicing your clients to find areas to improve.

Holly Tate shared one of the “15 Marketing Strategy Tips To Improve Your Customer Experience” on

6. Highlight Customer Success Stories

When you have a customer who has truly knocked it out of the park, make sure your other customers know it. 

Put that customer in the spotlight, whether it’s in your company newsletter or on social media.

Showcasing various successful customer stories can be both engaging and insightful for current and potential customers.

This customer journey marketing tip came from’s “How to Implement an Impressive Customer Marketing Strategy Today”.

How Will You Use the Top 6 Customer Journey Marketing Strategies in 2022?

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