Customer Journey Examples to Learn (Updated 2023)

To wrap up the Customer Journey series for this week, it’s always good to have case studies and examples of how other companies are having great success.

Here are 5 Customer Journey Examples to Learn from in 2022:

1.Out-of-Market Phase

In the out-of-market phase, the customer is looking to improve their business.

They want their company, department or team to be more productive and more efficient. At this phase, they may not know how to achieve these goals, but they are open to inspiration.

This customer journey example came from’s “Customer Journey: How a Holistic Strategy Drives Profitable Business Growth”.

2.  Awareness (pre-sale)

The discovery stage, via various marketing methods, information gathering, research phase, looking for clear messaging and initial problem-solving.

Your marketing will usually denote which entry point your customer arrived at, whether enterprise or individual, the messaging should reflect the phase they’re in.

This customer journey phase came from’s “The 5 Phases of the Customer Journey When Onboarding, a Guide”.

3. Compare

As people continue to approach a purchase decision, a few final comparisons are made.

  • Is this better than what I have?
  • How does the cost compare to my budget or other options?
  • Competitively, is this the best option?
  • Will my life after this be better than my life right now?

Considerations here explore alignment with alternative options.

This customer journey example came from’s “The 5 Phases of the Customer Journey When Onboarding, a Guide”.

4. Decision

The stage in the customer journey is the Decision Stage where your prospective customer is ready to select from their options and make a purchase.

By now the potential buyer has done all the research they need to be well informed on which services will best fit their needs and which companies they believe will be the best fit.

It’s at this stage of the customer journey when customer reviews are crucial.

Julie Zubak shared “How to Deliver Value at Every Stage of the Customer Journey” on

5. Retention

Gaining new customers is great, but if they’re just going to disappear after a single purchase, they’re not likely to make much of a dent in your cash flow.

This is why it’s important to focus on aspects of customer retention, which may come in the form of product support, post-transaction surveys, product newsletters or even freebies.

You may even consider sending out handwritten “thank you” notes if the scenario allows for it. This is an example of an effective tactic for winning over customers, boosting brand loyalty and creating those long-term relationships.

This customer journey example came from’s “4 Stages of the Customer Journey for Your Small Business”.

How Will You Use the 5 Customer Journey Examples in 2022?

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