Corporate Selling Examples (Updated 2022)

Having successful case studies to get inspiration from and adapt to your company’s sales process is always a good thing.

Here are 5 Top Corporate Selling Examples to Learn From in 2022:

1. Microsoft Software Demo

You’ll likely have to give a software demo to show what your product can do, especially if you’re a SaaS company. In this sales presentation, Microsoft gives a demonstration of their Surface Pro.

The presenter goes through several use cases with the product and even highlights the target user (e.g., a contractor) for some of the features.

This corporate selling example came from’s “5 Sales Presentation Examples & What You Can Learn From Them”.

2. Understanding your Customer’s Needs (The Wolf of Wall Street)

Your potential customers don’t care about you, your story, or even your product. They care about themselves and their problems.

• Can you solve their problem?
• Can you meet their needs?
• Can you help them?

This short (but powerful) sales pitch in the Wolf of Wall Street (2013) teaches us a valuable lesson: don’t sell the product, sell the future where your prospect’s needs are met. shared “The 7 Greatest Sales Pitch Examples We’ve Ever Seen” in corporate sales.

3. Describe What Success Will Look Like as a Result of Using Your Product

Show the benefits of your product on a broader scale. 

In the example we’ve been using, you can talk about how accountants that use your software have more time to spend with important clients or the flexibility to spend time with their families. 

Show how your product makes your customers’ lives better as a whole.

Ideally, your pitch should be a one-liner summarizing what your company does, how they do it, and for whom. 

And this is not just a requirement for sales reps. Anyone in your company, from the CEO to sales consultants, needs to know your one-line sales pitch by heart.

This corporate selling example came from’s “7 Sales Pitch Examples Too Good to Ignore”.

4. Scrub Daddy Pitch

Scrub Daddy Founder Aaron Krause shared his sales pitch for a scrubbing tool that changes texture based on water temperature on Shark Tank several years back.

The pitch was successful not only because he was able to quickly explain how his product solves cleaning problems around the home, but also because he actually demonstrated those claims in a live setting.

He even integrated a bit of humor and whimsy into the speech and demonstrations to keep people engaged and entertained.

This corporate selling pitch example came from’s “12 Sales Pitch Examples That Close Deals

5. The Email Pitch

Email works. Done well, a good email sales pitch can achieve open rates of 35% or higher. It’s a great way to introduce yourself and your company while demonstrating the value in what you’re selling. 

But it’s also easy to do poorly.

Why this works:
• The pitch starts with a shared experience. In this case, a conference—but it can be any commonality. 
• Value is demonstrated clearly and immediately. There’s no ambiguity about what they’re selling and how it helps. 
• Social proof is added tactfully. 
• Benefits are supported by data. 
• The salesperson doesn’t come on too strong.  

This corporate sales pitch example came from’s “6 sales pitch examples (and 6 ways to make them even better)

How Can You Use These Top 5 Corporate Selling Examples in 2022?

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