Cold Email to Potential Clients (Updated 2022)

Here are 6 Best Ways to Cold Email Potential Clients in 2022:

1. The Art and Science of Effective Cold Email Subject Lines

It’s obvious, yet many people don’t realize this: The subject line is the most important element of every cold outreach email you send. 

Because if the subject line doesn’t appeal to the prospect, they won’t open the email in the first place. No matter how perfectly worded and relevant the body of your cold email is, if they don’t open the email, nothing else matters.

Don’t make this mistake of forgetting to include the subject line.

This cold email tip came from’s “8 Cold Email Templates that Will Generate Warm Leads for your Sales Team.”

2. Personal Feel

Sales emails should have the same basic format and tone of an email you’d send to your mom or best friend. 

When you’re too formal, you sound stiff and like a salesperson rather than a person-person.

In the example above, the salesperson’s “idea” makes the email less aggressive and aligns with where the recipient is at the beginning of their buyer’s journey. 

Before you hit the send button, do a final read-through of the email to make sure it has a natural and conversational tone. “The Sales Email Template that Won 16 New B2B Customers shared this cold email tip.

3. Use the AIDA Formula

This is a classic copywriting formula that can easily be applied to cold email outreach. 

AIDA stands for attention-interest-desire-action. 

It outlines the steps to include in your main email body.

Be sure to:
– Grab their attention
– Outline why it should interest them
– Build desire
– Show them how to take action and get the benefit you’ve outlined.

This cold email tip came from’s “15 Cold Email Templates to Generate More Leads.”

4. Use Social Proof to Win Over Prospects

Just by rattling about the benefits of your product isn’t going to entice prospects to spend their precious time with you. 

You need to build credibility with the prospect, for them to take you seriously and consider buying from you. And one of the ways to do that is by adding social proof in your cold email.

Mention the names of your well-known customers who share the same buyer’s persona, pain, and priorities. 

You can also mention your investors or shared LinkedIn connections to win your recipient’s trust. shared “7 Best Cold Email Templates that Guarantee a Response” cold email tip.

5. Create a Lead Magnet

We normally think of lead magnets as being e-books or cheat sheets we give away on a landing page to get someone’s email address.

But you can use personalized lead magnets, like the example of Trey’s 30-second Proposify video, to make cold email leads an offer they can’t refuse (or refuse to click on, at least).

Let’s say your perfect client is the marketing manager of a 100-500 person clothing and apparel company that does at least $10M a year in revenue.

Depending on the service you offer (e.g., SEO, social media marketing), you can create a way to analyze their business at a very high level.

This cold email tip came from’s “The Best Cold Email I Ever Received (And How to Steal his Approach).” 

6. Focus on the Prospect

It’s nice to talk about yourself and your company, however, that can hurt your chances of getting a good response from your prospects.

There’s a fine line between introducing yourself and spitting out your spiel to someone you just met. You must remember these people may not know about you. 

So, if you don’t offer them value, they may not care about typing a reply.

You can focus the spotlight on them. Make them feel you’re genuine about helping them. shared their “10 Cold Email Templates to Boost Response Rate.”

How Will You Use These Cold Email Tips to Get Potential Clients in 2022?

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