Cathy Neal at SOSUV 2020

Cathy Neal, SOSUV 2020 Speaker presenting on “Sourcing Lessons From 2020 for a Better 2021”

Cathy Neal serves as the Talent Sourcing Lead, HR Innovations at Bayer and is an accomplished human resources professional with over 15 years of progressive experience focused in global talent acquisition.

She has notable expertise in talent sourcing, executive recruiting and new technology adoption. Cathy is also extremely passionate about diversity and inclusion and has received corporate recognition for executing diversity sourcing projects. Her previous experience includes executive level sourcing, global project management, recruiting and human resources generalist roles.

SOSUV 2020 Presentation:
Sourcing Lessons From 2020 for a Better 2021

Cathy is in the thick of sourcing at Bayer in the midst of a recession and a global pandemic. This sessions will highlight the challenges faced in 2021 and how we can make a better 2021. This is a real-life case study of how sourcing can be resilient.

Cathy Neal
Senior Director, HR Innovations

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