Calling on Business Prospects (Updated 2023)

Doing research to find key decision makers to call isn’t easy. Then, you need to get them on the phone.

Here are the Top 6 Strategies to Use When Calling on Business Prospects In 2022:

1. Show Value

Prospects need to feel that confidence in order to buy what you’re selling. Part of this is knowing that cold calls don’t always follow a script or have the same outcome, so you need to be able to adapt.

Tell stories to your prospects about customers in their industry to demonstrate how your products or services have helped them overcome or reduce their pain points.

This calling on business prospects strategy came from’s “6 Best Cold Calling Tips and Techniques for 2022”.

2. Choose the Right Channel to Reach Out

Whether you choose to first reach out to a prospect via email or the phone is up to you and your sales organization.

Some salespeople start with an email, others prefer to just get on the line and talk. There are pros and cons to both approaches.

This calling on business prospects tip came from “How to Be Persistent in Sales Without Annoying Your Prospects”.

3. Prepare for Rejection

Rejection isn’t easy. It’s discouraging, disheartening, and downright painful to experience. If you focus on rejection (or spend too much time fearing it), you’ll hate calling your prospects.

And you won’t be good at it, either.

Create a calming work environment and eliminate as many distractions as possible before you start calling people on your list.

This calling on business prospects technique came from’s “11 cold calling tips to get prospects to stay on the line”.

4. Set a Daily Goal to Contact New Customers

No lasting growth was ever achieved without working very hard for it. You have got to be proactive and make it a point to reach out to as many new customers as you can daily.

You need to set doable targets that push you to your limits and bring results over time.

This calling on business prospects strategy came from’s “The Best Day And Time To Make A Business Call”.

5. Find a Calling Schedule that Works

If you call prospects with no particular schedule from 9am-5pm each day, you’re missing an opportunity.

By keeping track of when prospects are more likely to answer the phone, and when they’re more likely to speak with you, you can better focus your efforts during times it will make a bigger impact.

This calling on business prospects tip came from’s “9 Cold Calling Tips & Techniques To Help You Win Big In 2021”.

6. Don’t Give an Easy Out

Your goal is to keep them on the line, so you shouldn’t open with: “Is now a bad time?” 

Stick with personalized statements that will keep them on the line instead of encouraging them to hang up.

This calling on business prospects technique came from’s “25 Expert Cold Calling Tips You Can Use to Get Meetings With Anyone [2021]”.

How to Call on Business Prospects in 2022?

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