Business to Business Marketing (Updated 2022)

Whether marketing to or selling to the B2B market, having an effective marketing campaign to generate leads is a must.

Here are the 5 Best Business to Business Marketing in 2022:

1. Define Your Market and Buyer Persona

This is an especially vital step for B2B organizations. 

Whereas B2C goods often have a wider and more general audience, B2B products and services are usually marketed to a distinct set of customers with particular challenges and needs.

The more narrowly you can define this audience, the better you’ll be able to speak to them directly with relevant messaging.

This business to business marketing tip came from’s “What Is B2B Marketing: Definition, Strategy, and Trends”.

2. B2B Email Marketing

Email marketing is a tried and true method of reaching both individual consumers and business customers.

Did you know that 93% of B2B marketers use email? Are you one of them? You should be. 

Emails lead to engagement which turns subscribers into leads and then customers.

The Ultimate Guide to B2B Marketing in 2022” came from

3. Prioritize Reviews, Testimonials, and Case Studies

One of the most effective B2B marketing strategies is leveraging reviews, testimonials, and case studies from existing customers. 

This builds credibility in the eyes of potential customers who need to know your products or services can deliver. Case studies are helpful the closer you get to a purchase decision. 

For example, when customers have a list of potential product/service providers together, they’ll want to see how you’ve performed in the past. Having a case study of a similar customer might be the proof your prospects need to see before making a big purchase decision.

This B2B marketing tip came from’s “9 of The Best B2B Marketing Strategies & Examples”.

4. Conversational Selling and Live Chat

Live chat is often incorrectly pigeonholed as a way of dealing with complaints.

There’s no denying that it’s an extremely effective customer service channel. In fact, 92% of customers say they’re satisfied with their live chat experiences, a higher proportion than any other communications channel.

With a little effort, your live chat function can be one of your most potent and productive sales channels. 

Visitors who use web chat are 2.8 times more likely to convert than those that don’t. What’s more, they’re likely to spend 60% more on their purchases.

This B2B marketing strategy came from’s “The Top 12 Most Effective B2B Marketing Strategies for 2020”.

5. Social Media Marketing

Social media isn’t just for the B2C world anymore. 

B2B CEO’s live and breathe Twitter, over 30% of the world’s population log into Facebook every month, and LinkedIn is effectively the 2020 version of a business card. 

By sharing blog content, case studies, and industry research on social media channels, you can create a presence for your brand and make your name known in a community.

This B2B marketing strategy came from’s “How To Build A B2B Marketing Strategy That Works”.

How Will You Use the 5 Best Business to Business Marketing in 2022?

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