Best SMS Marketing Campaigns (Updated 2022)

Looking at successful marketing campaigns for ideas on how you can adapt to your needs is a great strategy to follow.

Here are the 7 Best SMS Marketing Campaigns to Use in 2022:

1. Welcome Message

“Thanks for signing up for updates.”

One of the first messages a business will establish as they start text message marketing is the welcome message. The welcome message greets new SMS subscribers.

In an SMS welcome message, be sure to include:
• What kind of content to expect.
• How often messages will be sent.
• How to unsubscribe.

This SMS marketing campaign example came from’s “10 Instant SMS Marketing Examples to Stay in Touch with Customers via Text”.

2. Seasonal Campaigns 

Use seasonal holidays to offer exclusive deals to your SMS list. 

It’s one of the easiest, most effective ways to get people to make a purchase.

Just don’t overdo it.

This SMS marketing campaign example came from’s “10 SMS Marketing Campaign Ideas for 2021”.

3. Offer Value to Customers

If people permit you to text about your business, you should be offering them something in return. 

Whatever you offer, make it worthwhile so that they don’t opt-out.

Steal their attention by texting about an exclusive sale, top-customer discount, quiz winner prize, coupon code, etc.

Moreover, BOGO (Buy one get one free), referral discount offers, and an exclusive first-look at a brand new product can make them feel valued.

This SMS marketing campaign example came from’s “Top 11 SMS Marketing Best Practices and Ideas for 2021”.

4. Thank-You Messages

After a customer makes a purchase or visits your store, follow up with a thank-you message that includes a discount or offer they can show on their next visit. 

You can also combine a quick feedback survey (more on this below) with a thank-you message to increase response rates. 

This SMS marketing campaign example was shared from’s “8 Creative SMS Marketing Campaigns to Inspire You”.

5. Get Reviews For Your Business

Text message marketing doesn’t have to be only about reaching out to new clients. 

It can serve the purpose of collecting valuable feedback that you can use to improve your services.

Kill two birds with one stone by collecting feedback and publishing it to your website or review platforms so that good reviews can serve the purpose of marketing your business. shared this SMS marketing campaign example on “How These 5 Companies Are Developing Text Marketing Campaigns”.

How Will You Use These Text SMS Marketing Strategies in 2022?

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