Best Outside Sales Tips for 2021

Outside sales became all but non-existent in 2020, and are now slowly making a comeback.

Here are 6 Outside Sales Tips to Use in 2021:

1. Understand the Product You Are Marketing

Before you start marketing goods or services, it’s important to learn everything you can about what you are selling. 

Knowing the name, color and basic information of a product is a helpful start, but customers often ask more detailed questions about the product you’re selling.

Make sure you understand more in-depth information about your products and the unique characteristics that make your products better than those of your competitors.

To get this information, you can research how the product is manufactured, learn about the raw materials used to make it or even visit the assembly department to learn about what makes your product unique from others.

This outside sale tip came from’s 15 Tips for Outside Sales Professionals.”

2. Find Business Pain Points

Being a top-notch outside sales rep means being able to find the individual problems that your prospects’ businesses are facing.

To be successful here you need to ask the right questions like what takes up most of a small business owner’s time each day.

This outside sales technique came from “Apply These 15 Secret Techniques to Improve your Outside Sales.”

3. Align Solutions to Customer Needs

In the modern age, it is no longer sufficient to simply attempt to sell products to customers. 

Instead, the very best organisations work backwards from the customers’ context and attempt to sell solutions to real problems customers are facing.

This may also mean identifying and tailoring the right solution for the right customer.

This outside sales strategy came from’s “What Are The Top 12 Sales Best Practices You Should Follow.“

4. Focus On Your Buyers

“Focus on who your buyer is and speak about them, not about you or your company. 

Find out who your customers are and what is important to their company growth. 

Tailor all your messages and interactions for each buyer so that they create interest, show you care, and add value.”

Lori Richardson,Founder and CEO of Score More Sales, shared this outside sale strategy on’s “14 Things Successful Sales Reps Do Every Week.”

5. Avoid Pitching Products, Solve Problems

Heavy deadlines and goals naturally drive the temptation to continually pitch products to customers.

However, helpful, problem solving content and conversations will always improve the possibility for sales. 

Instead of often giving product pitches during emails and other communication media, engage prospects to try and solve their problems. shared “Real Tips for Driving Sales in 2021.”

6. Objections and Close

Even if you’ve done everything right and your potential client loves what you’re selling, you will still probably encounter objections before a close.

Nothing in life worth having comes easy.

Factors like budget and contract length can be sticking points, so be prepared to overcome objections and close the sale.

This outside sales strategy came from’s “The Outside Sales Process Handbook.“

How Will You Use These Outside Sales Tips in 2021?

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