Best Follow-Up Email Subject Lines (Updated 2022)

Here are 6 Best Follow-Up Email Subject Lines to Use in 2022:

1. “Quick Question About [Topic]”

This subject line works with practically any topic, so long as it’s relevant to your recipient.

The “quick” element assures the reader that you won’t take much of their time. And again, you’re making a request for help. shared “51 Sales Email Subject Lines That Actually Work.”

2. “Would Love Your Advice / Would Love Your Opinion”

This subject line is one of those that might not give the recipient a really clear idea of the exact content of your email, but you’ll manage to get their attention and show appreciation.

If you’re asking for someone’s opinion, it’s because you think their idea and view on things is valuable to you and your work.

A line like this one includes just the right amount of flattery and honesty as well as giving the recipient enough reasons to open your email and get back to you.

Farzad Rashidi shared this on’s “38 Cold Email Subject Lines for Emails That Get Read (2021).”

3. “Can You Help Me With This?”

When you need someone’s help or direction, consider using this type of follow-up email subject line.

Since people typically want to feel helpful, this subject line not only encourages them to reply to you, but it also shows your interest in hearing their input.

Have a sincere request prepared and make sure that you’re genuinely thinking of following their input or advice.

23 Examples of Follow-Up Email Subject Lines” from shared this.

4. “How [Company] Used [Product/Solution] to Turn Their Business Around”

Use one of your most well-known customers.

You’ll give your prospect the feeling of “if they’re using X product and got Y results, it must generate the same for me.”

This also helps clear any doubt that prospects intuitively produce when receiving a cold email. shared “20 Cold Email Subject Lines Proven to Get Over 85% Open Rates.”

5. The Humble Ask: “Any Response Would Be Appreciated”

65% open rate.

Why it works:
Controversial rule of thumb: if it costs them little, most people want to help. We spend all day, every day trying to be of service to the people around us – our employers, our coworkers, our friends, and families.

That drive can be habit-forming, and the request for “any response” conveys the idea that a simple “Yes,” “No,” or “You should talk to (this person)” will suffice.

The Best Email Subject Lines for Sales [2021 UPDATE]” from shared this subject line example.

6. “{Mutual Connection} Asked Me to Get in Touch With You”

This mutual connection can be anything.

For example, like a mutual friend, or being part of the same LinkedIn group, or even personal things like sharing the same hobby, supporting the same sports team, attended the same middle school, attended the same event/conference and so on. 

If you dig deep enough there will be a thing or two that can help you relate with your prospect. Just don’t go stalker-level.

Moreover and most importantly, mentioning the mutual connection in the subject line can help grab the prospect’s attention to your email in their shambolic inbox. 

In a way, this is a more refined type of personalization. Something familiar, something they know is bound to catch their eye. shared “60 Cold Email Subject Lines That Will Stand Out in Your Prospects Inbox.”

How Will You use These Follow-Up Email Subject Lines in 2022?

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