BDR Marketing Tips to Attract More Leads (Updated 2022)

Marketing for business development needs to be strategic to generate high-quality sales leads.

Here are the Top 7 BDR Marketing Tips to Attract More Leads in 2022:

1. Identify Your Target Customer

Your target customer is the person most likely to buy your product. Do your homework and make sure your business development plan addresses the right people. Only then will you be able to grow your business.

This Business Development Rep Marketing tip came from “How to Develop a Strategic Plan for Business Development”.

2. Be Creative

Sales is all about standing out, and the easiest or most convenient way may not always be the best way. You have to constantly be trying to get noticed among the other emails in someone’s inbox and other callers who are selling the same product or service as you. 

This BDR Marketing strategy came from’s “10 Sales Tips From A Business Development Representative (BDR)”.

3. Learn About the Product

It’s very important for the BDR’s in your organization to also be product experts, since they’re frequently the first people making contact with your prospects.

To be able to assess whether a prospect is a viable fit, BDR’s need to understand the product inside and out. It’s also very important for them to be able to field technical questions and other complex inquiries.

This BDR Marketing tip came from’s “Business Development Representative: Definition and Responsibilities”.

4. Cold Calling and Emailing

Cold calling is a powerful way to engage with potential clients, and BDR’s are champions at it. Cold email outreach campaigns are another effective method to examine a new market and find fresh leads.

BDR’s know how to create email drip campaigns and write cold emails that work. “Who is a Business Development Representative (BDR): definition and skills” shared this BDR Marketing strategy.

5. Technology

Your Business Development Representatives have access to more technology today than ever before.

If used properly, these technologies can be a massive advantage in their outreach and new leads.

This BDR Marketing tip came from’s “What Is A Business Development Representative (BDR): Everything You Need to Know”.

6. Always Keep Your Target Audience in Mind

Whatever it is you’re working towards, keep your target audience and ideal prospects in mind. 

Assess their needs and understand exactly how your business and product or service will meet their pain points.

After all, this audience is the group who is most likely to buy your product. Make sure your plan addresses them and their needs so your team can convert more of them and grow your business.

This BDR Marketing tip came from’s “The Ultimate Guide to Business Development and How It Can Help Your Company Grow”.

7. Storytelling

Stories sell. No, really, they do. 

Use your brand to tell a story that connects with prospects on an emotional level and helps them remember why you stand out over the competition. Telling a story helps others relate to you, and it brings them away from the “sales” aspect of the conversation. 

If you’re able to connect with prospects on a deeper level, you’re building trust and fostering a stronger connection. “10 Sales Skills Every Business Development Rep Needs to Succeed” shared this BDR Marketing technique.

How to Use the Top 7 BDR Marketing Tips To Attract More Leads In 2022?

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