Aida Fazylova Speaking at ERE Digital 2020

Aida Fazylova, ERE Digital 2020 Speaker presenting on “Modern Recruiting Tools: Virtual Career Fairs, Texting, and Chatbots”

ERE Digital 2020 Presentation:
Modern Recruiting Tools: Virtual Career Fairs, Texting, and Chatbots

The pandemic has disrupted everyone’s recruiting goals this year, so chances are you are focused on one or more of the following: recruiting faster to fill a sudden need for new roles, automating workflows to increase efficiency, or recruiting virtually to reach people who are now working remotely.

Join XOR’s founder and CEO Aida Fazylova to see how new tools can help you hire more efficiently, faster, and with a better candidate experience.

You’ll learn:

What a virtual career fair is, how to host one, and whether it makes sense for your team
Whether texting, video, and chat are a good fit with your candidate engagement strategy
How AI chatbots are being used to automate high-volume recruiting

Aida Fazylova
CEO & Founder

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