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Adapt Pricing: What Marketers Need to Know [Explained]

April 20, 2024 Adapt

adapt pricing is a big name in the B2B lead intelligence space, featuring a huge database with over 200 million contacts. It’s a go-to tool for businesses wanting to ramp up their marketing and sales with targeted lead generation.

However, you must understand’s pricing before spending your bucks. It’s not just about how much it costs, but also about how well its wide range of features fits what your business needs. 

We’re going to dive into’s pricing to figure out if what you pay really lines up with the benefits you get.Our goal is to make Adapt’s pricing crystal clear, so you can decide if it’s a smart spend for growing your business. 

Adapt: A Quick Overview

adapt is a tool aimed at businesses, helping them find and connect with important contacts easily. It provides a large database of contact details, enabling sales and marketing teams to find and contact the right people across various industries. 

If you want to find potential clients faster and more efficiently, this tool is perfect. What makes stand out is its easy-to-use design and the way it works smoothly with CRM systems. This makes it a good fit for companies of any size.

Additionally, its key feature is providing accurate, current contact information like email addresses and phone numbers from trusted sources. This helps you effectively find and communicate with potential customers. is versatile, catering to both small startups and big companies. It offers a way to improve how businesses generate leads and manage their contacts.

Features of Adapt is a tool that helps businesses find and connect with other businesses. It has several features —

Features of Adapt

Large Contact List has a big list of over 10 million company data, including emails, phone numbers, and social media details. This list is great for finding potential clients and key people in different fields.

Works with CRM Systems

One of its best features is how well it works with CRM (Customer Relationship Management) systems. It lets you move prospect data into your CRM easily, saving time and avoiding mistakes. 

It’s compatible with many popular platforms, which is very useful for sales teams for the enrichment of CRM data.

Google Chrome Add-On

Adapt has an add-on for Google Chrome. This lets you automatically collect contact details from websites and social media, like LinkedIn. It makes gathering contact information quicker and easier.

Specific Search Options

The platform has detailed search filters. You can look for prospects in specific areas and see which leads are more likely to become customers. 

Global Reach

Adapt is good for finding contacts worldwide. You can focus your search on certain regions or countries, which is great for businesses looking to expand internationally.

Works with ZeroBounce

Adapt can work with ZeroBounce, a tool that checks if email addresses are valid before you send emails. It helps keep your brand’s reputation good by reducing the number of emails that don’t get delivered.

Key Benefits of Adapt provides many benefits for improving sales and marketing —

  • Large Contact List: You can reach out to over 250 million contacts, helping you find the right people to talk to.
  • Works Well with CRM Systems: It fits smoothly into CRM systems, making it easier to handle data.
  • Chrome Extension: This feature lets you quickly collect contact information from websites and LinkedIn.
  • Specific Search Options: You can find prospects in particular areas more efficiently.
  • Email Check Feature: works with ZeroBounce to make sure email addresses are correct.
  • Up-to-Date Information: The contact list is always kept current, which is crucial for successful sales and marketing.

Adapt Pricing Breakdown

Adapt pricing plans allow you to get the package you need for your work. No matter if you’re a large company or a small one, you can order your customized plan. Moreover, you can request a free trial to get a first-hand experience of it.

Adapt Pricing 

When Should I Pay for Adapt?

Deciding to pay for should be based on what your business needs. You might start with the free version of Adapt, which gives you basic access to its business-to-business contact data and some features. It’s a good way to see how the platform works and how it can help your sales and marketing.

But as your business grows and your needs get more complex, you might find the free version isn’t enough. Here are times when it’s a good idea to upgrade to a paid plan —

When Should I Pay for Adapt

Need More Contacts

The paid version offers a wider and deeper database, including important contacts in various industries, if your business is growing.

Better CRM Integration

The paid version has better features for working with your CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system. This is important for managing your sales process smoothly and keeping your team updated with the latest contact info.

Better Prospecting Tools

With the advanced search tools available in the paid version, you can really improve your search for potential clients. They let you target your outreach more effectively, making it one of the best b2b prospecting tools to use.

Going Global

If you’re expanding internationally, the paid version’s ability to reach contacts worldwide is very useful. It gives you access to contacts in different areas and countries, which is key for international growth.

More Customization and Support

The paid version usually offers more personalized options and better customer support. It’s important for businesses that need specific solutions and quick help.

Swordfish AI is the #1 Adapt Alternative

Swordfish AI is the #1 Adapt Alternative

Swordfish AI set itself apart from Adapt by focusing on direct connections with key decision-makers. We offer unique cell phone numbers and our own cell phone verification system, which are perfect for successful cold calling. 

A key feature of Swordfish AI is our access to over 3.5 billion data profiles. In marketing, sales, and recruitment, this huge list of contacts is extremely useful because it makes finding clients much easier.

Our Chrome Extension makes it easy to pull contact information from different social platforms, like LinkedIn and Facebook. This tool makes collecting contact details quick and straightforward.

Swordfish AI is a great choice if you’re looking for direct, verified contact information, especially for phone outreach. Our large database and strong verification system give us an edge over Adapt, making us a top tool for effective communication with potential leads.

Swordfish vs Adapt: A Quick Comparison Table

Swordfish vs Adapt

Take a look at the following table for a comparison of Swordfish and Adapt.


Swordfish AI

Pricing StructureOffers customized free trial along with Sales, Marketer, Recruiter, and API.Customizable based on features, credits, and number of licenses. Flexible for various business sizes.
Cell Phone Number AccessUnique cell phone number access with a proprietary verification system.Not specifically mentioned.
CRM IntegrationChrome Extension for data extraction from social platforms.Seamless integration with popular CRM systems for efficient data management.
Data Accuracy & VerificationReal-time line connectivity validation for enhanced accuracy.Reliable contact data, but specific methods of verification are not detailed.
ComplianceGDPR and CCPA compliant.Likely adheres to standard data protection and privacy regulations.
Target AudienceIdeal for sales, marketing, and recruitment professionals focusing on direct contact.Suitable for a broad range of users, especially sales and marketing professionals.
Unique Selling PointSpecializes in verified contact information for effective phone-based outreach.Extensive database and advanced search filters for targeted prospecting.

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What are the Other Alternatives to Adapt? is a well-known B2B lead intelligence tool, but there are other adapt competitors out there with their special features and advantages.


This is a full sales intelligence and engagement platform with a huge database of over 275 million contacts and 73 million companies. is especially good for its constantly updated lead database, smart lead scoring using AI, and a Chrome extension that works on many platforms. 

It’s a top pick for sales teams who want precise buyer information and a way to connect with prospects all in one place.

Adapt vs A Quick Comparison Table

Adapt vs

Check out the table for a side-by-side comparison between Adapt and


Pricing StructureProvides flexible pricing that depends on the features you chooseFree
Basic ($59 per user per month)
Professional ($99 per user per month)
Organization ($149 per user per month, min 5 users) 
Unique FeaturesIncludes detailed search options, tools to find emails from LinkedIn, and a system to score and direct leads.AI-assisted email writing, Buying intent and intent filters, Chrome extension for LinkedIn and other platforms, Advanced Salesforce & HubSpot integration
Email CreditsVaries based on the chosen plan.Unlimited email credits, with specific limits based on the plan.
Global ReachSupports international contact data searches.Global coverage across US, APAC, and EMEA.
IntegrationIntegrates with popular CRM tools.Integrates with various platforms including Outreach, Salesforce, HubSpot, and SalesLoft.
ComplianceLikely sticks to standard data protection and privacy regulations.GDPR compliant.
Target AudienceFits well for many types of users, especially those in sales and marketing.Perfect for sales teams who need complete tools for sales information and engagement.

2. Clearbit


Clearbit is designed for HubSpot users, focusing on finding the right target accounts and understanding buyer interest. It offers a large B2B contact list with more than 30 million verified contacts, known for its worldwide reach and reliability. 

It’s perfect for businesses using HubSpot who want to simplify finding their market and reaching key decision-makers.

Adapt vs Clearbit: A Quick Comparison Table

Adapt vs Clearbit

Here’s a table that contrasts Adapt and Clearbit for your review.



Pricing StructureOffers customizable pricing based on features, credits, and number of licenses. Specific pricing details are tailored to customer needs.There’s a free option that gives you 25 credits every month. 
The paid options range from $50 to $275 and offer between 125 to 1,000 credits monthly.
Unique FeaturesAdvanced search filters, Email and LinkedIn email finder, Hyper-personalization, and lead scoring & routingInclude a tool to help find potential customers, a way to spot visitors on your website who are likely to buy, and the ability to create lists of potential clients
IntegrationIntegrates with popular CRM tools.HubSpot native integration, along with other platforms like Marketo, Pardot, and Segment.
Global ReachSupports international contact data searches.Global coverage across US, APAC, and EMEA.
ComplianceLikely adheres to standard data protection and privacy regulations.Complies with privacy policies and legal standards.
Target AudienceSuitable for a broad range of users, especially sales and marketing professionals.Ideal for B2B teams looking for market targeting and lead generation tools.

3. ZoomInfo


ZoomInfo has a rich database for B2B searching. It gives insights into the technology used by over 100 million companies, making it a valuable tool for both small and large businesses. 

Businesses looking for in-depth knowledge about company tech and tools should check out ZoomInfo’s detailed information on company technologies.

Adapt vs ZoomInfo: A Quick Comparison Table

Adapt vs ZoomInfo

Let’s take a look at the table below to understand how ZoomInfo compares with Adapt.



Unique FeaturesIncludes detailed search options, tools to find emails from LinkedIn, and highly personalized targeting.Advanced prospecting tools, Detailed company and industry insights, Sales automation and workflow integration
IntegrationIntegrates with popular CRM tools.Offers integration with various CRM and sales automation platforms.
ComplianceLikely adheres to standard data protection and privacy regulations.Complies with privacy policies and legal standards, including GDPR.
Target AudienceSuitable for a broad range of users, especially sales and marketing professionals.Ideal for sales and marketing teams looking for deep market insights and extensive prospecting capabilities.

Note: If you’re interested, you can take a close look at the comparison of Clearbit vs ZoomInfo to understand which better suits your business requirements.


Choosing should align with your business’s needs and goals. Firstly, the platform offers a vast list of contacts. Additionally, it integrates well with CRM systems and includes a handy Google Chrome extension. Moreover, it provides specific search tools with global reach.

These features, coupled with its compatibility with ZeroBounce, position it as a strong option. However, you must consider these benefits in light of your unique business requirements and Adapt pricing. 

You should reflect on several aspects. Consider the number of contacts you need and your requirements for CRM integration. Also, think about the level of customization and support desired. could be an excellent choice for those seeking a comprehensive tool for global lead generation. 

Apart from that, Swordfish AI also offers a Chrome Extension, CRM integration, API, etc. In terms of its large database and email verification system, it wins. It’s free to try, so you can see how it works.

Yet, making a decision based on your business’s specific context and objectives is essential.


Can I try a customized demo before choosing a pricing plan?

Yes, Adapt often provides customized demos. These demos help you understand how the platform works and choose the right pricing plan.

How accurate is Adapt’s data, and is this covered in the cost?

Adapt focuses on providing accurate data, and this is usually included in the price. But, you should talk to their team to know more about how they ensure data accuracy and their methods.

What if I need to add more users than my plan allows?

The cost for adding extra users depends on your current plan. It’s best to talk to Adapt’s sales team to understand the additional costs for more users.

Is adapt free? does not offer a completely free version. Although there’s a free trial, some advanced features may only be available with paid plans.

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