8 Top Cold Email Subject Lines to Get More Opened (Updated 2022)

If you want to get more emails opened, you need to be sure and optimize and test the subject lines of the emails you are sending.

Here are the 8 Top Cold Email Subject Lines to Get More Opened in 2022

1. “Quick question regarding [project]”

With this prompt, you’re doing two things: You’re placing the recipient in the position of the expert, and you’re showing that you value his or her time. 

When you start with the assumption that the prospect holds the answer to a key question, you make them feel good. People like to be helpful, especially when they can show off some niche expertise.

This email tip came from Brafton.com’s “20 cold email subject line examples that actually get responses”.

2. “Can you spare 5 minutes, [First name]?”

Your email should be personalized. Your subject line should be no different. Give the recipient a summary of what the email contains and call them out by name.

Personalization in emails is now a necessity. According to Yes Lifecycle Marketing, personalizing your email subject can boost open rates by up to 50%.

This email tip came from MailShake.com’s “Cold Email Subject Lines: 12 Best Practices + 38 examples”.

3. “Hi [name], [question]?”

Questions provoke answers. Emails with question subject lines provoke opens and replies. Incorporating their name makes the email more personal, which will help it stand out in their inbox.

This email tip came from Hubspot.com’s “44 Sales Email Subject Lines That Get Opened, Read, and Responded To”.

4. “Most [professionals you’re targeting] make this mistake”

There’s another way to make your cold email subject lines more personal than just adding their first name: relevance.

That’s because personalization makes the recipient feel like the email was written specifically for them. In fact, personalized messages generate 6x higher close rates compared to those without personalization, and it all starts with the subject line.

This email tip came from GMass.com’s “43 Cold Email Subject Lines That Get Your Emails Opened Instantly (and When to Use Them)”.

5. “Quick solution for [industry]”

Power words are words of persuasion that often evoke an emotional response and lead to the desired outcome. They engage the reader’s imagination.

Most people have a hard time resisting their curiosity and emotions. So strategic use of power words in subject lines makes it almost impossible for prospects not to click or read.

This email tip came from Hunter.io’s “How to Craft Perfect Cold Email Subject Line (55 Examples)”.

6. “Apologies in advance, [FirstName]”

Given that you’re sending a cold email, prospects will see the subject and wonder “Why is a stranger apologizing to me?”

It takes what is normally a disadvantage (being an unknown quantity) and turns it into an advantage (you raise the prospect’s curiosity and they open your email). Then it’s down to the rest of your email to entertain and maintain their attention.

This email tip came from Sumo.com’s “34 Cold Email Subject Lines to Hack Your Outreach Game (Templates + Open Rates)”.

7. “A way for [prospect’s company] to end [problem]”

Every prospect has a problem to solve. A great way to connect with the reader is to specifically address these issues and explain how your solution can solve them.

Look for prospects who fit your customer persona on platforms like LinkedIn, and then highlight the problems that you solved for similar customers, outlining how you can do the same for them.

This email tip came from PipeDrive.com’s “Cold Email Subject Lines: 7+ to Boost Open Rates”.

8. “Thoughts on [Subject]?”

A great way to entice a prospect to open your email is to ask them a thought-provoking question. 

Not only should your question make the reader think, but it should also be relevant and pique their interest.

This email tip came from SiegeMedia.com’s “45 Cold Email Subject Lines With Proven Open Rates”.

How to Make Your Cold Email Subject Lines More Effective?

Using one of the best email subject lines above, and testing to fit your needs for the sales prospects and decision makers you are targeting will maximize your results. 

Pro Tip: Don’t forget, before you hit send on an effective cold email marketing campaign, you need to be sure you have the correct email addresses for the decision makers you are targeting for your email list.

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