8 Best Social Media Lead Generation Strategies (Updated 2022)

Lead generation can be easier on social media if you know what you’re doing. Take a look at the social media website lead generation strategies below. 

Here are the 8 Best Social Media Lead Generation Strategies for 2022

1. Generating Leads on LinkedIn

It’s all business on LinkedIn.

Well, at least it is when you get past all the broetry. It’s a great platform for leads as people are already open to business talk and many use it to find out new tools, products, and approaches. Here you can be a bit more direct.

This social media lead generation strategy came from BrandWatch.com’s “The Complete Guide to Social Media Lead Generation”.

2. Facebook Lead Generation

Facebook is the most commonly used social media platform for lead generation. It has around two billion active users. Marketers can market to anyone in any industry with the click of a button.

The cost per click (CPC) rates are also one of the lowest on Facebook and many are using it to market their products.

This social media lead generation came from CloudWays.com’s “Best Practices for Social Media Lead Generation in 2020”.

3. Twitter Lead Generation

Twitter is one of the most popular social media marketing channels for organizations. According to CMI research, 95% of UK marketers choose Twitter as a content marketing platform for lead generation.

Twitter ads are great when it comes to targeting and drilling down into your desired segment of users. Once location and language options have been confirmed, you have a choice to add keywords, handles, and interests.

This social media lead generation came from ReveChat.com’s “10 Social Media Lead Generation Strategies to Implement for 2021”.

4. Instagram Lead Gen

B2B marketers don’t always think Instagram is the platform for them, but Optinmonster discovered that more than 200 million Instagrammers visit at least one business profile every day.

Instagram enables you to run targeted ads that reach relevant audiences. With the power of retargeting, you can reach users that have already shown an interest in your brand or viewed your website.

This social media lead generation came from LeadForensics.com’s “12 social media lead generation strategies for B2B organizations”.

5. Tracking Inbound Leads from Google

Tracking inbound leads generated through social media will quickly pinpoint which social platforms perform best for your business, as well as what is the most effective messaging and images for your audience.

This social media lead generation came from HubSpot.com’s “Level Up Your Social Media Lead Generation Game with These 35 Tools and Stats”.

6. Answering Questions on Stack Overflow

Developers practically live on Stack Overflow.

When you don’t remember how to undo a commit on Git, you go to Stack Overflow. When you can’t figure out why you’re getting the same 400 error over and over again, you go to Stack Overflow.

This social media lead gen came from IPinfo.io’s “I Answered 99 Stack Overflow Questions and Now 2 Million Developers Know About My Product”.

7. Increase Popularity on GitHub

If you are a developer, there are at least three ways you can make your source code remarkable:

1. Build a tool that solves a problem or improves an existing solution.

2. Break a traditional concept and create your own.

3. Spot trends.

This social media lead generation strategy came from SitePoint.com “How GitHub Became Our Best Marketing Tool” article.

8. Get Creative on Dribbble

Sometimes, creativity comes to you when you’re working and not contemplating.

So, to keep your mind fresh and creative, try designing something every day whether it’s for work, a side project, or just for fun. You never know when inspiration will strike, and you might just end up creating a masterpiece.

Also, try to avoid working on projects that don’t bring you joy or that you don’t want to include in your portfolio. Get involved in projects that you’re passionate about and challenge you. This will help you avoid burnout, too.

This social media lead generation tip came from Dribbble.com “How to get ahead as a digital creative in 2021 (8 tips for success)”.

How to Use the 8 Best Social Media Lead Generation Strategies in 2022?

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