6 Email Marketing Automations (Updated 2022)

Making personalized emails and combining that with email automation while still looking personal, if the way to go for speed and ease. Plus, you get a nice increase in open rate and conversion response rates.

Here are 6 Email Marketing Automations to Use in 2022:

1. Drip Automation

Send compelling, branded email and SMS campaigns. Automate your email and SMS marketing with an easy to use visual workflow builder.

Create personalized, branded emails that actually convert. Put your store data to work.

Send abandoned cart items, unique discount codes, and product recommendations to turn shoppers into customers.

This email automation came from Drip.com.

2. Hubspot Marketing Automation

Automate your email campaigns so you can move prospects further down the funnel and generate more qualified leads.

Build beautiful emails without ever touching a line of code. Then choose from dozens of triggers, conditions, and actions to send the right emails to the right leads at the right time.

Every workflow you build can be tied to a clear goal, so you’ll always know if your emails are working. 

Workflows are part of our fully integrated marketing platform, you’ll also have the tools to grow and replenish your database as contacts naturally drop off your list over time.

This marketing automation tip came from Hubspot.com.

3. Marketo Experience Automation

Stay relevant and adapt quickly by automating your entire customer experience.

Create and orchestrate your entire lead- and account-based customer experience strategy from the same tool.

Serve your buyers in an automated and consistent fashion with highly personalized experiences, every time.

Build internal automation workflows and tasks across teams to update audience segments, schedule campaigns, and organize data as engagement happens. Quickly clone entire successful programs, including all used assets.

This experience automation came from Marketo.com.

4. Constant Contact Email Marketing Automation

Automatically send a targeted welcome email when new leads are highly interested in your brand.

Create drip campaigns to target contacts based on how they interact with your emails.

Segment contacts. Send your message to the right people. Automatically resend to non-openers.

Find new customers with sign-up forms and list-building tools, like Facebook & Instagram Ads.

Get more value out of each email with action blocks that encourage subscribers to buy or donate.

This email marketing automation came from ConstantContact.com.

5. SendinBlue Marketing Automation

Marketing automation software allows you to automate certain tasks in your workflow by defining an automation workflow.

Set of rules and conditions that trigger the actions you want to automate. 

These actions include sending emails and SMS messages, organizing contacts into different lists, and updating information in your contact database.

Personalize every step of your customer journey and turn your visitors into customers.

This is a marketing automation from SendinBlue.com.

6. ConvertKit Automations

Send targeted drip content at the right time, every time with email marketing automation

Watch your email funnels take shape right as you build them and experience your sequences the same way your subscriber does.

Each step you create for your subscriber is as easy as clicking the plus button and selecting an event, action, or condition that auto-populates your next step to lead them to your desired outcome.

If you’re not looking to create a whole funnel, you can still create individual automation rules with a simple “if this, then that” functionality.

This automation marketing tip came from ConvertKit.com.

How Will You Use These 6 Email Marketing Automations in 2022?

Pro Email Automation Tip: Before you start your personalized email marketing automation campaign, be sure you have the correct B2B lead generating and sales prospecting tools to find email addresses, direct dial phone numbers, and even cell or mobile phone numbers for the Decision Makers you are targeting for your outreach.

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