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Enrich your Email Contacts with Swordfish!

Find missing contact information of your existing contact database
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Enrich my email contacts

Enrich my email contacts

Sync your existing customer contact data from Google contacts to uncover missing contact information of your customers!

How Swordfish uses your data - you are in control:

  • If you approve, Swordfish will retrieve your Google contacts and use each contact as query data to query Swordfish’s systems.
  • Swordfish uses your query data from your Google contacts to check both public & private sources to find any additional data your Google/Outlook contacts was missing.
  • You will have the option to use your account credits to view the missing data via a response from Swordfish’s systems.
  • Swordfish may use both your Google contact information from your queries as well as Swordfish’s response data to better rank or match data within its system to you and to other customers.
  • Swordfish will not aggregate or provide any of your data to third parties that conduct surveillance.

You may disable this sync at any time by visiting the settings page, and request removal of any of your query data at any time.

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