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Jefferies Crystal - Jefferies Diane

Jefferies Diane - Jefferies Gareth

Jefferies Gareth - Jefferies Jackolyn

Jefferies Jacob - Jefferies Jessica

Jefferies Jessica - Jefferies Kaasha

Jefferies Kade - Jefferies Ladonna

Jefferies Ladonna - Jefferies Mac

Jefferies Mac - Jefferies Michael

Jefferies Michael - Jefferies Nistula

Jefferies Nita - Jefferies Raymond

Jefferies Raymond - Jefferies Sandra

Jefferies Sandra - Jefferies Steve

Jefferies Steve - Jefferies Tom

Jefferies Tom - Jefferis Adam

Jefferis Adam - Jefferis Heather

Jefferis Heather - Jefferis Mike

Jefferis Mike - Jeffero Travis

Jeffero Travis - Jeffers Alvin

Jeffers Alvin - Jeffers Anne

Jeffers Anne - Jeffers Beth

Jeffers Beth Boykin - Jeffers Brent

Jeffers Brent - Jeffers Carol Wentz

Jeffers Carole - Jeffers Christian

Jeffers Christian - Jeffers Cotisha

Jeffers Cotton - Jeffers David

Jeffers David - Jeffers Derek

Jeffers Derek - Jeffers Dwayne

Jeffers Dwayne - Jeffers Evelyn

Jeffers Evelyn - Jeffers Grace

Jeffers Grace - Jeffers Israel

Jeffers Israel - Jeffers Jasmine

Jeffers Jasmine - Jeffers Jeremy

Jeffers Jeremy - Jeffers Joe

Jeffers Joe - Jeffers Joshua

Jeffers Joshua - Jeffers Kathie

Jeffers Kathleen - Jeffers Kevin

Jeffers Kevin - Jeffers Lashawn

Jeffers Lashea - Jeffers Livingston

Jeffers Livingston - Jeffers Mario

Jeffers Marion - Jeffers May

Jeffers Maya - Jeffers Mike

Jeffers Mike - Jeffers Nicholas

Jeffers Nicholas - Jeffers Paul

Jeffers Paul - Jeffers Reid

Jeffers Reid - Jeffers Ron

Jeffers Ron - Jeffers Sarah Fries

Jeffers Sarah Jane - Jeffers Sherman Itiswatitis

Jeffers Shermarke - Jeffers Sue

Jeffers Sue - Jeffers Tessela

Jeffers Tevin - Jeffers Tracy

Jeffers Tracy - Jeffers Wanda

Jeffers Wanda - Jefferson Aaron

Jefferson Aaron - Jefferson Aja

Jefferson Aja - Jefferson Alexis

Jefferson Alexis - Jefferson Althea

Jefferson Althenia - Jefferson Andre

Jefferson Andre - Jefferson Angela

Jefferson Angela - Jefferson Annieberyl

Jefferson Annita - Jefferson April

Jefferson April - Jefferson Ashley

Jefferson Ashley - Jefferson Barry

Jefferson Barry - Jefferson Beverly

Jefferson Beverly - Jefferson Bobby

Jefferson Bobby - Jefferson Brenda

Jefferson Brenda - Jefferson Brittani

Jefferson Brittani - Jefferson Caitlyn

Jefferson Caitlyn - Jefferson Carla

Jefferson Carla - Jefferson Cassel

Jefferson Cassel - Jefferson Charlene

Jefferson Charlene - Jefferson Chenetta Hill

Jefferson Chenique - Jefferson Chris

Jefferson Chris - Jefferson Cierra

Jefferson Cierra - Jefferson Colleen

Jefferson Colleen - Jefferson Craig

Jefferson Craig - Jefferson Dale

Jefferson Dale - Jefferson Danny

Jefferson Danny - Jefferson Darryl

Jefferson Darryl - Jefferson David W

Jefferson David X - Jefferson Debra

Jefferson Debra - Jefferson Denise

Jefferson Denise - Jefferson Desmond

Jefferson Desmond - Jefferson Dillon

Jefferson Dillon Thedreamteam - Jefferson Donna

Jefferson Donna - Jefferson Dubique

Jefferson Dubois - Jefferson Edward

Jefferson Edward - Jefferson Elton

Jefferson Elton - Jefferson Erik

Jefferson Erik - Jefferson Fallon

Jefferson Fallon - Jefferson Franko

Jefferson Franky - Jefferson Genie

Jefferson Genie - Jefferson Giselle

Jefferson Giuliano - Jefferson Gwen

Jefferson Gwen - Jefferson Henry

Jefferson Henry - Jefferson Inigo

Jefferson Inisa - Jefferson Jackson

Jefferson Jackson - Jefferson Jamall

Jefferson Jamar - Jefferson James

Jefferson James - Jefferson Jaquone

Jefferson Jaquone - Jefferson Jay

Jefferson Jay - Jefferson Jeff

Jefferson Jeff - Jefferson Jenna

Jefferson Jenna - Jefferson Jerome

Jefferson Jerome - Jefferson Jill

Jefferson Jill - Jefferson Joey

Jefferson Joey - Jefferson Johnnie

Jefferson Johnnie B - Jefferson Joseph

Jefferson Joseph - Jefferson Juba

Jefferson Juba - Jefferson Kaila

Jefferson Kaila - Jefferson Kate

Jefferson Kate - Jefferson Keiona

Jefferson Keiondre - Jefferson Kendrick

Jefferson Kendrick - Jefferson Kevin

Jefferson Kevin - Jefferson Kimberly

Jefferson Kimberly - Jefferson Kurt

Jefferson Kurt Archie - Jefferson Lance

Jefferson Lance - Jefferson Latonya

Jefferson Latonya - Jefferson Leana

Jefferson Leana Victorious Spirit - Jefferson Letisa

Jefferson Letisha - Jefferson Lisa

Jefferson Lisa - Jefferson Louis

Jefferson Louis - Jefferson Maddie

Jefferson Maddie - Jefferson Marcus

Jefferson Marcus - Jefferson Mark

Jefferson Mark - Jefferson Marti

Jefferson Marti - Jefferson Matthew

Jefferson Matthew - Jefferson Melissa

Jefferson Melissa - Jefferson Michael

Jefferson Michael - Jefferson Mick

Jefferson Mick - Jefferson Mollie

Jefferson Mollie Jefferson Mollie - Jefferson Myrian

Jefferson Myrna - Jefferson Nathaniel

Jefferson Nathaniel - Jefferson Nicole

Jefferson Nicole - Jefferson Olok

Jefferson Oluwasanu - Jefferson Patricia

Jefferson Patricia - Jefferson Peggy

Jefferson Peggy - Jefferson Preston

Jefferson Preston - Jefferson Ramona

Jefferson Ramona - Jefferson Rebekah

Jefferson Rebekah - Jefferson Ricardo

Jefferson Ricardo - Jefferson Rob

Jefferson Rob - Jefferson Rochelle

Jefferson Rochelle - Jefferson Roni

Jefferson Ronica - Jefferson Ruth

Jefferson Ruth - Jefferson Sandra

Jefferson Sandra - Jefferson Sean

Jefferson Sean - Jefferson Shanna A

Jefferson Shannan - Jefferson Shawn

Jefferson Shawn - Jefferson Sherri

Jefferson Sherri - Jefferson Ske

Jefferson Skii - Jefferson Stephanie

Jefferson Stephanie - Jefferson Suppa Greezy

Jefferson Surie - Jefferson Tamesha

Jefferson Tamesha - Jefferson Tawn

Jefferson Tawnee - Jefferson Terrence

Jefferson Terrence - Jefferson Thomas

Jefferson Thomas - Jefferson Timika

Jefferson Timisha - Jefferson Tom

Jefferson Tom - Jefferson Tori

Jefferson Tori - Jefferson Trey

Jefferson Trey - Jefferson Tyrell

Jefferson Tyrell Blowout - Jefferson Velda

Jefferson Velda - Jefferson Vivian

Jefferson Vivian - Jefferson Whitney

Jefferson Whitney - Jefferson Willis

Jefferson Willis - Jefferson Zamir

Jefferson Zan - Jeffery Adam

Jeffery Adam - Jeffery Amaru

Jeffery Amaya - Jeffery Anthony

Jeffery Anthony - Jeffery Bev

Jeffery Bev - Jeffery Bridget

Jeffery Bridgewater - Jeffery Carrie

Jeffery Carrie - Jeffery Chris

Jeffery Chris - Jeffery Cordelia

Jeffery Corey - Jeffery Darlene

Jeffery Darlene - Jeffery Debra Kay

Jeffery Debra Payne - Jeffery Doug

Jeffery Doug - Jeffery Emprice

Jeffery Enemmor - Jeffery Garry

Jeffery Garry - Jeffery Gwenn

Jeffery Gwyn - Jeffery Ian

Jeffery Ian - Jeffery Jane

Jeffery Jane - Jeffery Jeremy

Jeffery Jeremy - Jeffery John

Jeffery John - Jeffery Julia

Jeffery Julia - Jeffery Katie

Jeffery Katie - Jeffery Kimi

Jeffery Kimmy - Jeffery Lee

Jeffery Lee - Jeffery Lorna

Jeffery Lorna - Jeffery Marie

Jeffery Marie - Jeffery Matthew

Jeffery Matthew - Jeffery Michelle

Jeffery Michelle - Jeffery Natasha

Jeffery Nate - Jeffery Olivia

Jeffery Olivia - Jeffery Perdue

Jeffery Peretomode - Jeffery Rashieed

Jeffery Rasta - Jeffery Robert

Jeffery Robert - Jeffery Ruth

Jeffery Ruth - Jeffery Scott

Jeffery Scott - Jeffery Shirley

Jeffery Shirley - Jeffery Steven

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